The Whitsundays & How to Get There | One Off the Bucket List


I hope you all enjoyed my latest YouTube video about Whitsundays. This article will just be a quick debrief on how to get there, where to stay and also a chance for me to share some more photos I took on my trip. Which was awesome by the way, thanks for asking. 

The easiest way I found to get to Whitsundays was flying in from Sydney or Brisbane to Hamilton Island. Virgin Australia do a flight out there and it will take you about an hour from Brisbane (longer from Sydney).

From there, Cruise Whitsundays operate a transfer to Hamilton Island to Airlie Beach. This takes about an hour and will set you back 60 USD. 

Airlie Beach harbour is buzzing. A vibrant beach, very much the hub for people either heading off to Whitsunday Island, The Great Barrier Reef or Fraser Island. I stayed there for 4 days and didn't see the same face twice. 


I booked ahead for the tour through Red Cat Adventures (not affiliated) although if you have time it might be an idea for you to rock up on Airlie Beach and ask around the various travel agents. Ask for the best price, also if you're staying on a boat or hotel. I've heard the boats are more community focused if you're wanting a more social experience. 

There's many tours. You can book in advance, but you can also rock up on the day and choose a tour that’s right for you. I opted for the Ride to Paradise tour. Which is now the new name I give to my little gentleman. Replacing his previous alias, Big Wednesday

As you'll see in my video I got to enjoy many splendours. Including relaxing in a hammock with a gorgeous cup of tea overlooking the stretched greens and unspoilt beaches. The dorms were plush; fit for a James Bond film. The food was inclusive and included BBQ grilled fish put on by the crew. 

Included in the package is snorkelling, canoeing, kayaking and paddle boarding. Sure the weather wasn't the best. Rained at times and the clouds looked murderous on some days. Still, made for some great photos that I'll include here.

Overall one off the bucket list and a very well put together tour. If you have any questions about Whitsundays then drop me a comment and I'll help out where I can.