Top 10 French Bulldog Accounts on Instagram

French Bulldogs are the most cutest things on the face of the planet. It's also my favourite waste of time, rifling French Bulldogs instagram accounts. A great way to kill time in the airport that's for sure.

Here are some of my favourite French Bulldogs that you should also be following on Instagram.

It's Charlie the Frenchie

AHH I miss you buddy. Yes I did look into shipping him out here with me. But I couldn't get him any first class tickets, only business. Charlie refuses to fly anything but first class you see.

He's the apple of my eye my blue, brindle Frenchie. Been through the wars recently but showing some true character and pulling through. Never complaining. Back soon buddy, I promise.

Tiny Mighty Frenchies

Who doesn't love a French Bulldog puppy? If this account doesn't make your heart glow then there is no saving you. I do wonder if puppies know they're cute, I'm guessing they do. That's why they get away with chewing through your newly acquired Louis Vuitton sample-only sneakers. Isn't that right?

Wrinkless Ralph 

Take a look at the loveable Ralph the Frenchie. Ralph is a beautiful Blue Fawn Pied French Bulldog. Ralph you have no wrinkles? How do you do it? I need to know your skincare regime. Call me, we'll make a fortune. Moisturiser for dogs, it's the next big thing.


A great way to get featured if you want your little French bundle of joy to become an Insta-sensation, use the hashtag #frenchies1 for features.

I think that picture on the far right will be my new screen saver.

French Bullevard 

Stuck on ideas on what to get your Frenchie for Christmas? I know they already have everything a dog could want. Check out this site however, accessories and gifts for your dog, (or even someone else's dog hint hint) will go down a storm.

 That Dog Rupert 

Okay I might have to confess, this is probably the best account I've ever seen. I'm also including humans in that statement. Rupert the Dog has always got his tongue hanging out. I might start trying this in my posts, what do you think?

King Cody Frenchie

King Cody is the biggest French Bulldog fashionista. Looks so regal. Like the Roger Moore of Frenchies with his straight back, swathe, smooth and elegant. He really does suit the title of King.

Frenchie Ninja 

You know that your dog has true influence when other people on the internet draw pictures of them. If anyone out there can draw a decent picture of Charlie? I'll repost in my stories recommending your services.

Lily the Masked Frenchie

Lily is just adorable. With those panda eyes and those huge upright ears. She looks to have a wonderful temperament. French Bulldogs can be a bit feisty at times, but only around people that are new. Charlie has gotten to love the Deliveroo guy, maybe not a great lifestyle indicator.

Dash and Bolt

Dash and Bolt, Dash (Chi) & Bolt (Frenchie). These guys deserve their own Disney series. It just goes to show you can mix and match. Although these guys looked like they've grown up together. Unsure how Charlie would feel sharing me with some other pup. He'd probably take a dump in my Chelsea boot, standard protest for unhappy Frenchies.