My Research Notes on CBD


I've been doing some research into the world of CBD and wanted to share some of my findings with you today. I'd like to make it clear I've not tried CBD and I'm not advocating or endorsing brands in the article.

However, I've had some sleepless nights of late, momentary issues with anxiety so I'm looking into experimenting with this oil. Oddly I heard about it through a mutual friend who is a chocolatier, she has a client that has asked her to put CBD in chocolate bars. Crazy right? 

So here below is some information I've rounded up from watching a few hours of YouTube I'll include links to all the videos I've watched. 

What is CBD exactly? 

CBD is short for Cannabidiol which is a compound found in the cannabis plant. It's legal in 50 states in the US and is not psychoactive as it does not act of the same neuro-pathways as THC. (THC is the chemical found in Cannabis that gets you stoned). 

CBD can be extracted from the hemp plant. Industrial hemp plant has less 1% THC.

For more information on Hemp production and CBD check out the Carolina Hemp Company

How much CBD can I take?  

If you're just starting out taking CBD oil, then it's recommended you break yourself in gently. 10mg a day if you're starting out. If you're not feeling anything then you can double the does, 10mg in the morning 10mg in the evening. 

It's recommended that you do not exceed the daily allowance of 200mg. Check out the CBD woman for more details on YouTube. She has her own website where you can buy all the CBD goods

How do I take CBD oil? 

You know how to apply Beard Oil. You put the dropper in bottle and squeeze a couple of drops on your palm and rub it into your beard. So with CBD you can vape it, you can take CBD tablets or digest it like I mentioned earlier.

Apparently one of the best and most effective ways to ingest CBD most oils is to put a full dropper load under your tongue, place it there for 30-90 seconds. 

This will allow it to get into your blood stream faster. Take it on an empty stomach. For more on this check out Trey Jones on YouTube

What can I expect to feel taking CBD oil? 

I caught a few YouTubers taking CBD oil. One chap called Expression with Depression vaped it on a video and I found that to be the most candid and honest review.

If you vape CBD you'll feel the vibration of the oil and a slight buzzing as you inhale. There will be a cool sensation on the lips. It's odourless so you won't have to sneak off to the toilets during the lunch break.

It's very relaxing, no coughing. For more on CBD and Mental Health check out Scott Ste Marie

Will CBD help my sleep? 

CBD can enhance your deep sleep cycles. THC allows you to sleep and it decreases sleep latency. (How long it takes you to fall asleep) but it reduces the amount of time you spend in deep sleep.

If you're mind is racing, hyper charged and you have to sleep immediately then use THC. (Again I'm not recommending this personally, this is just research notes from YouTube videos). PLEASE NOTE: That in using THC you run the risk of missing deep sleep which could impair memory consolidation and general body system repair.

With CBD you don't fall asleep as fast, but you will experience higher deep sleep cycles. THC you fall asleep fast, but your deep sleep isn't as high. - Joe Rogan Podcast


Before I invest in CBD I'm going to first focus on basic physiology, control my breathing. Box breathing exercises and alternative nostril breathing. If done right this can decrease stress. 

I'm weary of some side effects that have also been documented such as light headiness, diarrhoea etc. If people have suffered any side effects I'd be interested to know. If you have tried CBD please drop a comment and let me know what you think.