My Thoughts on the Latest Lifestyle Trends of 2019


What are the latest trends in Lifestyle? I've been posed that question a few times this year so I wanted to sketch down some thoughts for you today.

What lifestyle trends are on the rise?

I would say that people even of a younger age have been paying a lot more attention to interior design. The advent of social media has changed the game for people that work at home. This includes people like me. My favourite Instagram account for home interiors and interior design right now is fourseasonsofhome, whoever is behind this account has impeccable taste.

I’ve noticed a lot of social media accounts where people are becoming less interested in posting pictures of their dinner, but more of their surroundings. More poignantly, interior design goals. Upcycling is prevalent in fashion but its big in lifestyle also. Antique furniture refurbishing, etc.

Sustainability is having a meteoric rise. It's just a very safe bet for people to hang their hat on. No one is going to call you out on social media for putting your flag in the ground and supporting sustainability.

No one wants to be on the wrong end of a Stacey Dooley interview endorsing £10 dresses made in the most impoverished regions of Bangladesh.

So what brands can I look towards for sustainability?

You should certainly take a look at brands that are built to last. Read my report on King & Tuckfield if you're looking for sustainable denim and other small things we can do to make that gear shift towards a more eco-friendly society. Also check out &Saunter for eco friendly women’s swimwear, I love their brand message and ethos. Other brands like Universal Works, Hemingsworth and Orlebar Brown, N.Peal and Sunspel are really coming to the fore right now with casual tailoring trends. 

Read long form prints and stories like Delayed Gratification from the Slow Journalism forum. Despite them never answering a single email they're still in my good books, doing the Lords work.

Check out antique stores that sell quality refurbished and upholstered furniture. The Old Cinema way out west in Chiswick town is just a never ending labyrinth of rooms and booths selling some of the most eclectic pieces. You can really find something unique that will bring an ordinarily dull room to life.


Speaking of interior design

Also I’ve noticed people are wanting to show off and express themselves in at least one room of the house. The rest of the house could be a normal looking place, regular, fairly sterile even. But they allocate one room in particular where they just go nuts. My friend has just installed a light helicopter in his kitchen and is putting up brick wall paper.

We just can't help ourselves. A bit like that one item in the wardrobe that doesn't go with anything else. It's not even your style but you can't bring yourself to throw it out and every once in a while, it makes a cameo.

Living room design ideas

With more people staying-in than ever, it’s no surprise you’re seeing Netflix hitting the headlines. Disney is making a big push for live streaming and bolstering its own platform to compete with Netflix. Apple and Amazon are also in the hunt. This has a knock on effect. People want bigger better TV’s. They also want to maximise space so everything is either integrated or wall mounted. 

Soundbars are now a must have. It used to be surround sound but now tech companies are trying to make speakers less intrusive and more elegant in the home. I reviewed an LG Soundbar last year and I knew then that tech companies had started to sit up and take notice of the need for elegance. 

Which is these are well established versus emerging trends?

Interiors design is not a new thing obviously. Lifestyle was never even a word in my lexicon until other industries started to hijack the word and fashion bloggers like myself started to become Lifestyle bloggers. The food and drinks industry, now Lifestyle. The motor industry, now lifestyle.

But that’s a lateral move. Let’s take James Bond for example. People that are interested in how James Bond dresses, are no longer just scrutinising his clothes, they want to know more about the watches. They want to be brought up to speed (pardon the pun) on the latest Aston Martin. What countries does James Bond visit. All of these things have now become sub genres. The one big word tying it all together is lifestyle.

Emerging trends versus on the wane

I’d say that emerging trends I’ve noticed are people are wanting things to be more personalised. In everything! You hear me talk all the time about Jo Malone London fragrances, but are built for layering so you can make your own scent.

People are striving to create their own identity in a crowded market. Brioni are now doing made to order denim, you can put your own initials on it. It’s crazy. Is it narcissism? Maybe. But we’re all taking more selfies. Spending more time in the mirror, falling in love with ourselves just a little bit more every day.

Just some thoughts, would love to hear yours in the comment box below.