How to Pack for a Weekend Getaway or Short Break Away?

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Here we go folks, a couple of tips and hints on how to travel light for that weekend getaway. Whether it's by sea or by futuristic only for secret agent’s teleportation devices, in this article you'll learn how to pack, what to pack, and I'll even put a video tutorial to this article at the bottom of the page.

How much walking will you be doing on this trip?

You have to factor in whether you'll be doing a lot of walking, from the station to the hotel, through the airport etc. My tip - if I think I'm going to be covering some ground I'll need to take something with wheels on. If I'm not burning calories getting from place to place I'll probably opt for a weekender bag.


Ok got it, but should I be wearing on this trip? Can I get away with my tracksuit?

Don't be daft, I've taught you better than that. Dress smart and you might get upgraded. Sounds daft but we live in a materialistic world where you get judged on appearances all the time.

For suits I'd avoid linen if you're travelling. I like linen, but it's notorious for getting wrinkles. If I 'm traveling with a suit I'd like to go for something that doesn't wrinkle easily. Mohair is good for that, it has a good elasticity as a fabric it bounces back.

Yes, roll everything, dress shirt, key is to fold the arms in diagonally, cuff the bottom inside out 2-3 inches then roll. Elastic bands aren't always desirable as they can stress the fabric, but I unpack everything as soon as I get to the hotel or wherever so they don't have to suffer too long.


What’s the most important thing to remember when packing?

A full hipflask. Haha, only joking. Chargers. I'm always dismayed to discover I've forgotten chargers. I have a little virtual animal farm that needs constant feeding. Cameras, phones, laptops, iPods, headphones, ughh

Remember the gift also. I never like to show up empty handed if I'm visiting or even if I'm going to a meeting etc. A little gift goes a long way so don't forget to think ahead.


Colours are important... how do you incorporate colour? Socks? Ties? Pocket squares?

I'll normally pack around three shirts, neutral colours and make sure everything is interchangeable. Keep the colours neutral so you can turn 2-3 garments into 9-12 different looks. Not sure the exact numbers, you can tell I'd be no good at Countdown right?

Socks I'm not one to over think the socks, but always pack a few extras if I'm working out.

I like to carry the knitted ties nothing too bilious and maybe one or two pockets squares, I have these here I got in Florence with different designs front and back, sort of a reversible so you'll get more mileage out of these.


How much should you bring?

Only bring the essentials. Remember the key is not to try and fill the suitcase. Many people see it as some kind of cryptic puzzle where they have to figure out how to get as much in as possible.

Pack a bag within the bag if you can, I like to in case I see anything I have to get whilst I'm abroad and I'll check it in on the flight home.


Can I wear comfy shoes?

Yes, no one will berate you for wearing comfy shoes on a long journey. I like to wear some smart trainers and change into a pair of loafers if I'm driving or flying. These Base London Keel Suede Casual shoes are just the ticket for something like this. 


What should you not do - when packing for a weekend getaway?

Don't take the weather with you. When packing don't take the dress watch, the expensive jewellery, just go the everyday elements from your wardrobe.

Things get pinched, luggage gets lost, etc. Also don't take your mental luggage. (Long sniff for profound reverential effect). Haha, be conscious of your mood, your woes, your negativity. There's no need to pack that crap, no one wants that on their doorstep.