Melia Zanzibar, Kiwengwa in Tanzania | Hotel Review

Melia Zanzibar is an utterly decadent luxury beach and all-inclusive resort situated on the north-east coast of the exotic island of Zanzibar, in Tanzania, also known as the “Spice Island”. During a recent stay (although it feels like a lifetime ago in my wanting and longing. Currently writing this during the perpetual British monsoon season) I got to explore every square inch of the 40-acre estate.

It's serene and awe-inspiring beach, composed of pearlescent white sand lapped by warm ocean waters stretches out for 300 metres and is situated at the very end of the property to procure the perfect combination with nature. The resort is ringed by a natural coral reef, making bathing a relaxing and safe experience.

The hotel is around 45 minutes from the international airport of Zanzibar, and the capital city Stone Town, a Unesco World Heritage site. On arrival the first impressions are how well the grounds are kept. Someone had clearly been assigned to design and manicure this gorgeous landscape. 

The staff are super friendly, and each comes with an infectious smile. A genuine one that comes from the heart and works its way up. 

The amazing sandbanks and stretched jetty, with its tip sandwiched between two huts, make for incredible photos. What’s more the beaches are private so remain unsullied. Yes, I'm a tourist here, but the exclusivity the hotel offers entitles you to a dangerous sense of ownership. 

You know what it's like when some randomer spoils a perfect shot by wondering aimlessly through. How dare they right? 

There are three restaurants and you can do an option for the all-inclusive pack. My tip is to try and go off-piste with some of the dishes and experiment. If you're on a budget then sure go for a pack, but the food is so good you won't want to feel inhibited. 

Of course we had a little rain, it is rainy season during the early weeks of May. This did mean we incurred some power outages and drops in WiFi. (Oh the humanity!) But the team were on hand to resolve issues very efficiently. The managers make a great team and the power generator kicks in for a spell so the problems and loss of power are minimal and short lived. 

Overall a great relaxing experience, wonderful decor, an awesome place to unwind and decompress.