Small Things we can do to Improve Sustainability


Yes it's been the buzzword of 2018 but what can we do to improve sustainability in our day to day lives? For one I want to see more Bidet's in the UK. Put a stop to all that wasted paper!!

It's one of the true joys of travelling abroad is staying in hotels that truly manage to capture the vigorous sensation of having a warm jetted pool of water clean the, well you get what I mean. We all have our favourite past times. Here are 5 tips and hints on things we can do to improve sustainability. 

Watch and Follow Stacey Dooley

She presented the BBC show Fashion's Dirty Secrets, which blew my mind and the lid of some of the secrets the big supply chains would rather you not know about. Such as the reduction of natural water in the Kazakhstan, in particular the river Amu Darya being sucked dry for cotton production. 

Follow Stacey Dooley on Twitter and seek out the documentary where you can, sadly no longer available on iPlayer. 

Reusable Coffee Cups 

It's absurd the amount of coffee and cardboard cups we get through every day. Think a little greener and save money in the process by investing in a reusable coffee cup. Think how sexy you'll look also in front of the good looking Chica at the Starbucks when you hand her your cup and ask her to 'filler up please'. 

No more Fashion hauls from Zara 

That's right I'm talking to you kids. OK admittedly in the past I may have been guilty of splashing out on a couple of ten pound tee's from H&M and eulogising about it. Nowadays I'm singing from a greener hymn sheet. 

I'm investing in statement pieces and rhapsodising about brands that are in it for the long haul. Check out my article on the pack leaders King & Tuckfield and see how they do things differently with eco-denim. 

Sublime Magazine 

There's quite a few magazines that you can subscribe to within this sector of sustainability. The obvious one is Sublime Magazine, a sustainable lifestyle magazine that is bi-monthly. 

Naturally you might want to source your own and there is a listicle of Sustainable Magazines to be found online here

Plastic Straws 

Plastic everywhere man! Just think on all that cruddy plastic in the supermarkets. It's completely unnecessary in my eyes. Just think on when the plastic bag was invented in the seventies, most end-users detested it because they couldn't get beyond having people licking their fingers to peel them apart. 

Nowadays those thoughts have turned to a much larger problem. So why not get the grapes from the farmers market where you don't find every bit of fruit under the sun cased in use-once plastic. 

Take your own bag to the supermarket. Bin off those plastic straws on the post work out shakes and politely ask the manager not to stock them. 

It's not too late to make a difference guys.