ThreeSixty° Coffee | Drink Premium Coffee at home

Today I'm going to be waxing lyrical about ThreeSixty° Coffee a luxury, premium single origin coffee brand, where consumers are invited on an adventure of taste.

How nice it is to find something honest. ThreeSixty° Coffee (the brand) has a distilled simplicity that foregoes any superfluous marketing huey and just focuses on delivering a product with character. 

This past week I've had the pleasure of sampling their coffee from Cuba, Mexico and Peru. The denouement has been one of enriched sophistication. 


Let's take a look at each ThreeSixty° Coffee taste profiles, all of which offer a unique taste and are made up of a single origin.


This single origin coffee is one of only a few coffees produced by the small coffee growing region this season.

The immediate freshness will invoke the palette and you'll soon be registering roasted nuts fused with the sweetness of cinder toffee and a caramelised brown sugar. A perfectly balanced acidity. 


It's a little known fact that one of the world’s largest coffee growing countries is Peru. 

The delicious notes of cocoa and hazelnut will take you on a journey, a perfect slice of escapism. It's full-bodied, it's full of character, it's a great reason to get out of bed in the morning. 


Dominated by smallholders, Mexico now offers a variety of delicious coffee profiles from sweet citrus to smooth chocolate flavours.

The beans come from three farming communities to the west of Tepic and Nayaritt, a region famous for its variety of delicious coffee profiles.

It's an odd juxtaposition for someone like me that has drunk coffee for most of his adult life, yet never had to experience distinguishing the composition. 

As much as it makes me sound like something of a neanderthal, I never knew you could enliven a coffee blend with citrus notes of mandarin balanced with smooth milk chocolate. Who knew?

A truly ethical company

One of the more remarkable things about ThreeSixty° Coffee is how incredibly transparent they are as a company. Each pack is hand-packed and fully traceable, with precise on-pack map coordinates to help discover each coffee’s specific region of origins, which can be traced using Google Earth.

For those that follow my Instagram stories you know I'm very attached to my Krups espresso machine. As well as your espresso machine, ThreeSixty° Coffee is compatible with every possible piece of coffee instrumentation, with easy to follow guides on how to brew your coffee using a cafetiere, a V60 pourover, an aeropress and a chemex. 

Final Thoughts

ThreeSixty° Coffee challenges the rationale that as a society we are cornered into settling for suboptimal coffee at home and only exclusively drink sophisticated blends in cafes, restaurants etc. Now we can make decent coffee at home and at work - plus saving money in the process!

Knowing how to make a decent brew can be a tough university to go through. ThreeSixty° Coffee have made it their goal to simplify coffee brewing methods with easy 'how to' guides on their website. 

ThreeSixty° Coffee is available to buy from Waitrose and Ocado. 

This post was paid for in collaboration with ThreeSixty° Coffee