Best and Worse Christmas Adverts | By Social Media Ratings


It's a strange pageantry this, deciding on which Christmas advert has the bragging rights and what constitutes a great Christmas advert? Is it based on sentiment? How emotionally engaged we are? Surely the spoils go to the campaign that drives the most amount of sales n'est-ce pas

No, sadly the battle is either won and lost within the comments section of the Daily Mail website, or whichever campaigns survives the spewed vitriol of the panellists on Loose Women. 

For the record here are my winners and losers from the runners and riders of the 2019 Christmas TV Adverts. In reverse order. 

John Lewis Twitter UK man 87k Views 

I love this and I'm sure you've seen it to do the rounds on Twitter. An American by the name of John Lewis on Twitter who gets repeatedly mistaken for the high street retailer has decided to do his own advert this year. 

I'm unsure who has backed this, Twitter, YouTube, John Lewis (the brand) or John Lewis the man, but it's on the money and a good rouse. 

Marks & Spencer 123k on YouTube

It has my man David Gandy in it! If anyone is looking to place bets on the next James Bond, David is displaying some very Roger Moore-esque eyebrow raises, looking scintillating in his grey charcoal waistcoat.


Debenhams 150k on YouTube

A compilation of videos of smug people knowing they choose presents tailored for their recipients. The humour is good, it actually gets better with every watch. The fella who picks a dinosaur gift-set for his niece is the best. 

They've gone for humour, which should be commended. They've also done well to highlight gift ideas, (So John Lewis only sells piano's?) not sure why this hasn't rated better on YouTube. 

Iceland - 5.2m on YouTube

There are no losers in this list, well maybe one. Iceland have created a few waves in having their Christmas advert banned for being too heavy-handed with the political theme. Perhaps it's the only way it could hang on to the coattails of all the others, by selecting an Orangutan as their central prop. It's an anti-palm oil campaign, as Bond would say, "It's hardly Christmas is it". 

That said it's driven people to find the advert on YouTube, 5 million views is not to be sneered at. 

Phil Beastall - 9.8m on YouTube

Love is a gift was the short video created for a modest £50 by Phil Beastall which has amassed a hugw 9.8million views on his Facebook page. It just shows what you can do with a small budget and passion.

John Lewis 10m view on YouTube 

It's always worth the wait isn't it. I hope John Lewis are stocking up on piano's this year because this is genius. Selected from 300 scripts, this advert delineates the path of Elton John, working in reverse-linear, charting his emotional journey as an artist. 

"What's on my mind how we move it on creatively but hold on to the heart of hat makes it special. Elton John is a national treasure, and hopefully this advert will make you think about what gifts you can give your families." Craig Inglis Customer Director for John Lewis

It's poignant, it's ambitious, it's ladled in emotional saccharin but you can't help be swept away with it. I loved it.