How to create the perfect movie night at home

Netflix has taken over my life, fact! Other than Love Island, I can't recall the last scheduled TV programme that I watched (although it was probably some kind of reality series!). That brings up an interesting point - is that the future of TV, on demand watching when and where we choose? What about cinema? I love the cinema but it is becoming more of a luxury these days, not only have ticket prices risen but its the prices they charge for a simple box of sweet popcorn and fizzy drink that make it less appealing. Yes, of course I can just turn up, sneak in a bottle of water and just watch the film, but that wouldn't be cinema and if you are going to do that, then why not just watch it a month later at home?

There are so many streaming or downloadable subscription services these days and therefore having a box-set or movie weekend at home is a cheap alternative to going out - perfect for that weekend before payday! When it comes to putting on the perfect movie night, here are my top tips:

Get the snacks in

Get snacks and plenty of them. To set to mood theme your snacks around the movie you are watching and if that is 'The Beach' for example maybe get some Thai inspired nibbles and some Thai sweet chilli crisps as well as some Thai bottles of lager such as Singha or Chang.

Invest in tech

TVs have come on a lot in terms of technology, so it may be time to trade in your old and invest in something newer. For the perfect movie night in you'll need exceptional picture and sound quality of which the current Sony OLED TVs excel in. I've often been told that the most important colour when looking for a quality TV is the delivery of black. Have a look at the SONY OLED TVs and you'll find the black is actually black, a real deep black and not a slightly shaded black or even dark grey. Combine this exceptional picture quality with their builtin Acoustic Surface technology which allows the sound to be generated by the TV itself, therefore the picture and sound are in perfect synchrony.

Mood Lighting

Movies are always better in low light or darkness so that the full focus is on the TV, it helps create a cinematic atmosphere at home. To create a cosy, relaxed or even romantic setting - light a few candles or put a lamp on with a low wattage amber tint to it.

Get comfortable

There is nothing worse that having to get up in-between the movie, so get everything prepared and within hands reach. Plenty of cushions and a knitted throw are essential.