Introducing The Seabourn Collection by Molton Brown

To celebrate 15 years abroad Seabourn cruise liners, Molton Brown, on the 17th July 2017 launched this limited edition collection aptly named 'The Seabourn Collection'. To celebrate 15 years of buying Molton Brown every single Christmas for my Mum, I decided to try this new product for myself (sorry mum)! The collection consists of Bath & Shower Gel, Body Lotion, Shampoo and Conditioner, all expertly blended in London with their fragrance experts that have combined some unique ingredients to create this exciting scent.

Molton Brown's voyage with Seabourn begun 15 years ago, sharing the same passion of offering luxury and sophistication to their customers, something that hasn't changed in time. Seabourn is famed for their intimate small ships that drop anchor at the most secluded port beyond the reach of much larger vessels. Molton Brown's exploratory nature of sourcing only the finest ingredients across the world perfectly compliments Seabourn's spirit of discovering the ocean's secret gems.

For this collaboration Molton Brown have created two totally unique fragrances one for the Bath & Body Collection and the other for the Hair Care Collection. 

Immersive Samphire & Eucalyptus is the scent for the bath & body collection, where the samphire is picked from the French Atlantic Coast and the eucalyptus is sourced from Beijing. The scent is very fresh and revitalising, you are transported onboard the Seabourn anchored up in a secluded cove, jumping into the crisp clear sea after basking in the sun. Inspiring Basil & Vetiver is for their hair care collection, where the Herbaceous basil is from Vietnam and the vetiver is found in Haiti. These perfectly subtle, aromatic scents are clean and sophisticated, perfect for hair care.

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