Men's Stylish Eyewear by David Clulow & Oliver Peoples

Recently I teamed up with my favourite opticians and eyewear specialists David Clulow to bring you an insight into why eye-wear and eye-care are so important to me. I've been wearing glasses since I was about 10 years old and I still recall my first pair that I wore in primary school. Gold rimmed, rectangular in shape with squared edges and to add a touch of youth, on each arm there was a hologram of transformers (my favourite cartoon at the time)! 

Head over to David Clulow for my Full Interview discussing eyewear and style.

Glasses always have to be the finishing touch.
— Carl Thompson

For those of us who have grown up with glasses appreciate perfect eyesight much more than those who have known nothing other than 20/20 vision. Throughout my teenage years my eyesight deteriorated to around -4.75 in both eyes, which for those of you who can't grasp how bad that is. If you are walking past someone in the road, you wouldn't be able to recognise them until they were within a metre away from you whilst squinting profusely. Nowadays I realise much more about the importance of looking after my eyes and would love it if I could pass on some of my wisdom to anyone reading this. Technology has come on a long way and opticians tests are much more than just reading letters on a wall or reading small print of a book. David Clulow will use state of the art equipment to test the health of your eyes as well as the traditional eye test methods to work out the exact prescription for your eyes.

But what style, I mean are glasses actually stylish? Of course growing up with glasses you'll go through stages in which you love and hate them, that's natural. Our sense of style will change throughout secondary school, college, university and into our adult lifes as we experiment and find out who we are. I mean, I'm a completely different person to what I was at school and I think most people would say the same. For me, I had no choice but to wear glasses, especially at school when reading the blackboard but fast forward to the present day and now I choose to wear glasses not to mention I feel happier and more confident wearing them. Eyewear is incredibly completes an outfit. There are so many amazing brands out there reinventing classic frame shapes, colours and styles such as my two personal favourites Oliver Peoples and Persol.



More styles available in-store, use their store finder to find the closest one to you.

Photography by Rebecca Spencer

*This post was created in collaboration with David Clulow*