The Perfect Commuter Bag

For me when commuting around London day in day out, in between meetings, coffee shops and the office - having a trendy but functional backpack is a must. I've been through a number of different types of bags for my everyday commuter choice and I always come back to the backpack, for the comfort and ease of which you can commute around...yes the French exchange students got it right!

Yes backpacks are somewhat frowned upon on the London Underground (and for good reason). So yes, they are an incredible commuter choice but don't be that guy or girl, standing on a sardine packed train with a backpack on, headphones in, oblivious to the anger you are creating to your rear - I mean it's just selfish...take it off, put it by your feet and an extra person will be able to get on the train. Okay so a minor rant there about tube etiquette but when you get on the Northern Line at 8am most days, you'll understand!

I've been using this backpack from MADE IN GLOBAL for quite a while now and not only has it become my everyday bag, commuter bag but also my gym bag. The leather is soft and light (in weight) to make it great for commuting as well as having padded super soft comfortable straps that you can tighten up with a trendy chrome buckle. There are a couple of pockets for small items such as your wallet and keys, however what I love is that they haven't over compartmentalised the bag. Open it up with the durable zip and you'll find a massive space, certainly enough for your gym trainers, gym kit and protein shake, along with laptop, chargers and camera equipment.

So if you are looking for a bag that is built to last, gets better with age and is completely versatile, check out the MADE IN GLOBAL, San Telmo backpack, which comes in 4 different colours, all listed below.



Photography by Rebecca Spencer