The Fragrance Shop Launch £12 Monthly Subscription Box

Be honest, how many times have you bought a fragrance and felt utterly indifferent towards it after a couple of days. But you see it out, much like you finish off a rubbish book. It's what's known as Magnusson effect, you've started so you’ll finish right? Thanks to the Scent Addiction Subscription from The Fragrance Shop, we will no longer be subjected to this insufferable torture-vortex that lives inside every completist. 

The process is logistical and can be completed in 4 easy steps. First you need to pick 12 scents from the cornucopia of designer fragrances in their portfolio. Tom Ford is in there, Hugo Boss is in there, Black Beards Delight is in there. (Just kidding, just wanted to make sure you were paying attention). Once they're in the cart, sign the proverbial dotted line and you're on your way.

Their team of experts will carefully fill your 8ml travel sized ScentAddict, complete with The Fragrance Shop quality guarantee, ready to be sent to you within 14 days. Each month they’ll send you a new sample refill for your ScentAddict atomiser. You can change your fragrance selection each time, or simply receive the same one if you’ve fallen in love. Once they've packed your order, it will be delivered direct to your home in a post-box friendly package so all you have to do is savour the moment and fall in love.

It's also a strong gift for someone this Christmas as you can enter a different billing address to the shipping address. Someone will get a kind reminder each month that you're just the best. If someone got this gift for me this Christmas, they can sit at the head of my table for the rest of their days. AND if you fall out of favour with that person for whatever reason, fear not, you can cancel the subscription at any time. 

The hardest thing is picking the 12 fragrances from so many. You could easily kill an hour or two rolodexing through the brands. I'd be interested in hearing your choices, I've got mine written down and laminated should someone think about treating me this year. Leave a comment in the box below and let me know which ones make your hit-list this year.