London's Best Canal Walks

You might think of London's canals as a dumping ground for shopping trollies, domestic waste and the odd addicts needle here and there. Or that some parts of London's canal network run through quiet, un-lit, pedestrians paths in the middle of some of East London's notorious council estates, that you would probably want to avoid at night. Good points actually! However that aside, London's canal network can be perfect for a weekend stroll, cycle, dog walk, romantic date and of course a great blogging backdrop! So if you are a visitor to London or like myself, someone who should see more of our great city, then you should spend some weekend time along these waterways.

During this shoot I took Charlie for a walk along the part of Regents Canal that passes through Kings Cross with Kylie who took these photos of Charlie and I - so big thanks to her for having to deal with the two of us. Going on canal walks are a great way to see a lot of London that you most certainly would not see on the big red tourist buses. They are also especially great if you are into photography. If the sun is shining (big IF), you'll get some amazing shadows around the bridges. If you do take your dog on a canal walk, always keep them on a lead and remember to clean up after them, if your dog is as annoying as Charlie at producing wet, sloppy, number twos at the worst possible times...then just do your best! As you can see from the below, some dogs also might not like to walk along some of the bridges...but then again maybe it's just Charlie...he is my special dog. 

So if you are looking to explore some of London's waterways, here are a couple of options:


A nine mile waterway which slowly winds its way through London's, Regents Park, Camden, King Cross areas. Marvel at the colourful boats moored up in Little Venice Basin. Enjoy some street food and vintage shopping around Camden Lock. If its culture you are after, visit the London Canal Museum. There are also some amazing old English pubs and bars along the walk, explore and you'll find some of London's best hidden gems. 



Why not head over East to The Limehouse Cut, London's first navigable canal dug in London which was constructed in 1770. As you are in the area, also visit the mills by Bow Locks then moving north towards Hackney Wicks, you'll find the three mills green. You can then take a turn towards Victoria Park and along the Hertford Union Canal and finally head south along Mile End Park back towards Limehouse along the River Thames.

For us singletons out there, we are always looking for something different to do on dates. For the majority, it's fine to go to pubs, bars and maybe a quick bite to eat, however for that one that you are actually really excited about seeing, you may want to put more of an effort in. So maybe try going on an activity date to the Ginstitute in Notting Hill, maybe a climbing wall in Bermondsey or try one of these walks. Of course being a date, you want to look your best. In my look during this dog stroll along Regents Canal, I wore a short sleeved light grey shirt and grey overcoat both from allsaints. Then some skinny black jeans that I have had for donkeys years from Topman and finally some black brogue shoes from Hawkins & Shepherd. If I was going on a longer canal walk however I would probably change the shoes for converse trainers. I've also taken my Sandqvist grey backpack from ASOS, to carry some water for the dog, a blanket and maybe even a picnic and prosecco.


Photography by Kylie Eyra