There is nothing better than creating your our unique personalised photography, however on occasions you may need inspiration or you might need a quick image that 'will do' for your latest blog post that needed to go live 3 hours ago. For a style and fashion blogger, creating the perfect image can be the most stressful and time-consuming aspect of 'the job'...if you havent already read it, check out my 'Day in the Life of a Fashion Bloggers Boyfriend' which will give you an insight into what goes into getting that perfect shot. I have been writing/blogging for a long time now and have gathered a collection of handy websites to use when looking for high-resolution copyright free images and here are my top 5.


All images are copyright free and you can copy, distribute, modify the images and are even copyright free for commercial use! No permission or payment although you can opt to buy the photographer a coffee. The search functionality is good as all images are tagged with metadata that is searchable. Sign-up required.

Life of Pix

Great layout, large images displayed by default, single click to download and no sign-up required. All images are high-resolution and no copyright restrictions and each photo is tagged with the photographer who took the photo. I always think it is a nice thing to credit the photographer whenever you use their photo, although not required. Life of Pix also has a bigger brother Life of Vids for copyright free videos...win win. Life Of Pix is curated by a web agency in Montreal that designs sites like Sunglasses and private clinic.


My favourite looking website with the images on the main page spanning the whole width of my mac allowing a larger and a greater number of thumbnails to be displayed with super fast loading times. Copyright free and also use for commercial purposes allowed. New photos added weekly by the same photographer who has a very unique, weird yet wonderful style.


Exceptional high-resolution images by some fine photographers and with the slogan 'Free do whatever you want' this is a great place to spend hours scrolling through their 1000's of images.  If you fancy yourself as a bit of a photographer or would simply like to give back to the website, simply sign-up, create a profile and start uploading your own images. You never know where your photos will end up.

Startup Stock Photos

If you are looking for office, work or meeting type photos this is the only place to look - they have it all. High-resolution and simple to download although no search or categories filter functionality, so be prepared to scroll through a lot of images to find the one you are after.

As always, thanks for reading and I hope you find these blogging tips useful.

Carl Thompson :)