Stylish & Sporty | The Perfect Every Day Watch | Seiko Prospex

What do you look for when purchasing an everyday watch? For my stylish lifestyle I look for a watch that is fashionable, robust, durable, classic, exceptional quality and a well-­‐known brand that you can trust. Seiko watches and in particular this Radio Sync Solar World Time Chronograph watch that I have been wearing for the last month, ticks every single box.

My day-to-day life is hectic, I’m always on the move and a timepiece can truly show someone’s personality and this watch has bags of it but can it truly be a perfect everyday watch? The only way to answer that is to wear it on a packed full day in the life of a menswear fashion blogger (me!).

A typical day in my life would normally require a few outfit changes, and this watch works extremely well with all outfit styles and palettes. This Seiko Prospex watch has a heavy luxury feel to it and with it’s silver, stainless steel strap and monochrome black/white watch-­face it is classic and neutral enough to stand out with any outfit, smart or casual, sportswear or loungewear.

After walking my dog in the morning, I’m heading off to do my daily fitness class which is an outdoor assault course, boot camp type training. Lots of HIIT training, lots of mud and a durable watch that I can keep track of my circuit lap times. After a tough training session wearing the watch I inspected it afterwards and I can immediately tell that the parts used to make this watch are top quality and robust. For example in many watches the pins holding the watch strap links together and the strap to the watch face are the first things to fail – however with this watch the pins are slightly larger and can take a lot of roughing up!

One of the main time consumers of being a menswear fashion blogger is styling outfits that my readers would aspire to look like and this means taking part in a large number of photo shoots. I’m shooting an outfit put together in a casual everyday style to see if this Seiko watch, truly is made for the everyday man.

So a quick change and I’m off on the London Underground for a fashion shoot. Whilst on the tube and feeling confident enough to ‘show off’ my watch. I carried out a little social experiment by holding the handrail showing off the watch and trying to catch people looking at it. I mean it wasn’t a professionally conducted survey but the watch certainly got a lot of looks.

Networking and events are extremely important working in fashion, and deciding what to wear can be quite daunting (everyone’s judging!), but having a watch that works for all styles is one less thing to worry about.

I’ve gone from a casual look on the shoot to something a bit more formal for the evening and the watch transitions perfectly between these two very different styles. So I’m off now to show of my new Seiko Prospex watch, I’ll expect everyone to be wearing them soon!