If Bluemint reminds you of an actual blue mint or maybe a blue pill that helps the aged, then you need to get yourselves onto and check out their luxury beachwear - then and only then will the term Bluemint be synonymous to beachwear.

I have been a customer of Bluemint for around a year now and have three pairs of their print swimming shorts, the ones in the pictures are the latest to my collection. The previous two pairs have been pastel in colour, which is generally what I prefer, as pastel colours go better with my beach tanned body! So this time, I wanted something that would be a bit more out there, a bit garish, a statement piece and what better than pinks, purples and floral prints!

There is so much choice out there when choosing a pair of trunks for your next beach holiday and in fact it is probably the most important thing to pack, much like bikinis for girls. So it is important to get the perfect pair for you.

When shopping around for this summers must have beach shorts, my main objectives were to find a pair of high quality, unique prints, fitted not baggy, did not cost the world, quality inner lining and ones that weren't too long or too short. In Bluemint, I found just this.

Bluemint is inspired from real life experiences, different lifestyles, art, travel and photography.
The Bluemint brand is an indispensable part of life extending from the beach to the city and you'll find this in their collection from shorts to shirts. Bluemint’s expertise in fabric and design its attention to colour and outstanding quality brings together one of the world’s best beachwear brands to be worn in style and comfort for many years to come. Each collection is created to carry your own style from the beach into summer. Thanks to its durability it can be worn for years to come, creating your own fashion each season.




Thanks for reading, Carl