The first thing many of us think about when putting on some formalwear for the office is what suit, shirt and shoe combination shall I wear today. We all fall into that trap from time to time. We forget about the small touches and little details that can transform a plain blue suit and white shirt into an outfit that will get people talking.

With that in mind, I decided to wear my favourite accessories that I have brought in December and style them with my most normal plain suit and shirt combo. My goal is to remind you that the smallest modifications to your everyday workwear can seem like you are wearing a completely new outfit.

First off, the blue striped socks are from MEN:Ü - I actually brought these as a present for someone but decided I actually quite like them myself! The socks are made from bamboo...yes thats right bamboo! I can not believe how well they stretch and how soft and comfortable they are. You can buy the gift set here and at only £11.95 it is such a bargain.  

Moving up the outfit, towards the waist and you'll find this brown tan plain leather belt from GANT. It is perfect to wear with your suit as it is not too thin or thick and the classic gloss buckle oozes class. At a mid-range price of £60, it is the perfect gift for that sartorial someone in your life. You can shop all the GANT menswear Christmas gifts here.

What dapper work attire is complete without a great watch. This swiss-made slimline rose-gold with a black leather strap watch from ROTARY is my buy of the month. I cant stop looking at it. Classic and classy, feels and looks great. More importantly for just under £200 (with a lifetime guarantee) it is worth every penny and will be one of your staple items that you wear with absolutely everything. You can shop the ROTARY watch collection here.

And my final accessory to finish off this workwear look is a plain white, with small navy polka dot pocket square. The navy polkas match the suit and gives an understanding of what subtle sartorial dressing is all about. This pocket square was a steal at £8 from ASOS. 


Photo Credit Sophie Milner