Penhaligon's Marylebone Wood Fragrance Review

Penhaligon’s has launched a new trio of fragrances named for London neighbourhood’s: Belgravia Chypre, Kensington Amber and Marylebone Wood. I was dispatched a bottle of Marylebone Wood for review, which pleased me because I'm a huge lover of Marylebone and anyone who plays Monopoly knows how crucial an asset it is to own all the stations. 

Marylebone is known for being the capital of luxury. Endless hordes of aesthetic medicine centres, beauty clinics, patronised through the years by iconoclastic figureheads such as John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Ian Fleming. Home to Sherlock Holmes and the Wallace Collection. Home of Chiltern Firehouse where Kylie Minogue recently celebrated her 50th birthday and Orlando Bloom got a waitress fired using his powers of seduction. 

I digress. 

Let's say that Penhaligon chose their locations well. I'm not entirely sure if Bethnal Green would have flown off the shelf. (And if anyone thinks that is a dig at Bethnal Green, you're right). 

The Penhaligon's Marylebone Wood Fragrance had a lot to live up to. Although nothing as pretentious and arrogant as Hugo Boss calling their liquid, 'The Scent'. Please. 


First impressions

The bottle has a very cutesy appeal. The bow tie on the cap signifies a hint of aristocracy, and the sketches of the mews houses is very spot on. These houses you'll find dotted around the likes of Montagu Square where John Lennon and Ian Fleming used to reside. 

Around 200 years ago the maisonette of today were constructed for stabling of horses and carriages, with rooms above to house grooms and servants.

They were converted at the start of the 20th century when it became popular to furnish them in the Arts-and-Craft style of that time

This series of London themed fragrances come from the Perfumer of the year 2017 Fabrice Pellegrin.

On opening the woody scent carries notes of dry smoky sandalwood, vetiver and patchouli for a heady and subtly-sensual aroma.

I'm sure I have hits of cedarwood before the dry down. It's modern, it enlivens, and it's got the kind of character you'd expect from a bottle at this price point. 


Would I buy this? 

I would consider buying this if I was mutually sharing a bathroom with a loved one. It's a fragrance for both him and her, and you can share this, enjoy it, it projects well and has decent silage. Much better than some perfumes I've reviewed recently. 

My only disappointment is that it plays quite safe. Perhaps it needs to in order to be gender neutral, but I would have liked a bit more adventure.