The Best Cafes to Work from in London

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Nowadays a good coffee shop is rated on its Broadband speed. The coffee is almost perfunctory. There is over 22k coffee outlets in London and according to Allegra, we consume around 2.3 billion cups of coffee per year in stores (or around 45 cups per adult per year). Some think tanks suggest we might have already hit saturation point. That the wild west days of killing 1 hour drinking a solitary soya cappuccino in your local Joe & the Juice is over baby! But whilst we still have a rumoured 4-5 good years of structural growth left in the UK coffee market, let’s take a look at the best coffee outlets to work from in London.


Daisy Green - Marble Arch

Tucked away behind Marble Arch, is Daisy Green. A decent place for meetings especially. Its central which is an ideal compromise if you're meeting people from the quirky corners of London. No one can argue with a meeting when it's central. There's luminous covered deckchairs outside, and nice little nooks and snugs downstairs that's ideal for setting up camp for an hour or two. 


Book Club - Shoreditch

Famous for their Volcano coffee and the home-from-home service. Its open, airy, drowning in natural light and the perfect environment for meetings, lunches, an afternoon cocktail or a quick game of ping pong! There is of course Spitalfields Market close by which houses The Peloton & Co. Cycle Cafe; a neat little stop for a caffeine fix if you'd like to be part of London's cycling community. 


Federation Coffee - Brixton

These guys really pride themselves on their coffee. With so many shops now looking for their USP, this outlet just lets the coffee do the talking. They often switch a guest filter option, meaning that no visit will be the same. Nothing more idiomatic for the coffee connoisseur to ask 'what guest filter do you have on this week?' If you get in early enough you can set up camp and work. Bring the wireless headphones because it can get a bit busy and cramped. 


The Front Room Cafe - Finsbury Park

I think bonus points should go to this place for having a brilliant name. Makes me feel like royalty when I tell my colleagues I'm doing work there. Unlike Joe & the Juice which sounds like a lost 80's Tom Hanks film. It's friendly, has pavement seating, free wifi for customers and no-nonsense nosh. The unique front room style interior décor is easy on the eye which makes it a great London cafe to work from


The Farm Girl - Portobello Road

As if one needs an excuse to visit Portobello Road. The Farm Girl is a holistic and healthy, yet comfortingly simple approach to Australian cafe culture in the heart of Notting Hill. Even English Cricket fans are welcome here. Farm Girl values fresh, nutritionally nurturing ingredients and delivers them in a warm and welcoming environment. It's an ideal hub with plenty of tables and it would be a dereliction of duty not to sample some of the homemade hazelnut cookies. 

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KRUPS EA9010 Series Coffee Machine Review

KRUPS EA9000 Series Coffee Machine

Hi I'm Carl and I'm a coffee addict. Now that's off of my chest, it's time to feed my addiction and trial this new, exciting KRUPS Espresso Automatic Series EA9010 coffee machine. As a home worker, coffee is essential to getting any work done. I've worked my way up to 'Coffee Snob' status through years of substandard mistakes from supermarket brought, freeze dried crap, pre-ground coffee beans in cafetieres and capsule coffee machines. Now, today on the 6th April 2017 during London Coffee Week, I've finally upgraded to a freshly ground coffee, bean to cup, barista coffee machine - just a smaller and more automated version to what they serve in coffee shops.

It really is a game changer and at a retail price of around £1399, you should expect the best, which it really is for a home machine where you want a fresh barista coffee brew. For my readers of I have managed to get a discount of 30% off using the code BLCF30OFF at checkout (see bottom of post for the buy link).

For a home coffee machine it is not the smallest out there, so you'll need to make sure you have a spot to house it and if you don't...make room! The KRUPS EA9010 was simple to setup and has a very intuitive touch screen menu to assist you with the setup, step by step. The coffee bean tray, the water holder, the ground bean collector, the drip trays and the cleaning fluid compartment are all easily accessible from the front of the machine which is important because it means you can position the machine up against a wall, or even corner without having to move it for maintenance and refills. 

The look of the machine is a luxurious mix of plastic & aluminium with a traditional barista gloss black and brushed metal colour finish. I'm happy that they have left off a milk dispenser unit from the design, as I think this would make it a little too large, plus it can be quite intensive to keep clean.

When making a latte or cappuccino, just pour the desired amount of milk into your cup and place on the drip tray grill as far back as possible. The KRUPS EA9010 has an automated milk frother (steam nozzle) which extends from just behind the coffee nozzles into the milk of your cup and whilst the machine is grinding the coffee beans, it froths up the milk automatically. The milk steam nozzle then detracts and automatically cleans ready to use again. 

KRUPS EA9000 Series Coffee Machine

The slick design, easy to use display, automated cleaning functions and finally the quality of the coffee produced make this barista coffee machine perfect for the home or small office.

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Shop the KRUPS EA9010 and other KRUPS Bean to Cup machines on Home & Cook.

KRUPS will be at the London Coffee Festival (April 6th – 9th) on stand HP30. So make sure you go check them out.

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