Albert's: Kensington's Exclusive Private Members Club & Fine Dining

Don't be fooled into thinking London's private members clubs are just for the Mayfair elite, drinking old fashioned cocktails, smoking cigars in front of an open fire whilst discussing yields on their latest property acquisitions. During my recent Friday night trip to Albert's in Kensington I was given an insight into London's finest private members club and it was not at all what I would have expected.

Albert's in Kensington seemed to have a slightly older yet diverse crowd of around 30 somethings through to 3 generations of families having an incredible fine dining experience. You certainly get a different vibe here that a few other private clubs I have been in Soho or East London, which seem to be more for creative types.

The whole experience seemed relaxed and felt like you walked into a family dinner party, kind of like a club at home. This unique friendly vibe was most certainly pioneered by one of the co-founders Carlo Carello whose smile was infectious and during the whole night he was enjoying himself by making sure that everyone in the place was having the best possible time.   

After a few G&Ts we sat down for dinner at about 20:30 and over the next couple of hours more diners took their seats for a meal by executive head chef Alessio Piras. 

The food was amazing, I started with a beef carpaccio followed by grilled chicken paillard  and finished with a chocolate melt in the middle pudding which combined peanut butter in the chocolate sauce and was to die for!

One of the questions I got asked when I arrived was 'Do you like Martinis?' well this place mix them at your table - quite dangerous as I had about 4 espresso martinis and that was during dinner's going to be a good night and it was.

Midnight came and the place completely transformed into a party, where not one seat was used...everyone was either at the bar or dancing the night away, the atmosphere was incredible. 


- £500 per year -

Members can invite up to three guests to join them for drinks in the Club.

Members can make a restaurant reservation for a party of an unlimited number of guests.

Members may attend weekly Members’ Events including live music performances, international DJ’s, exclusive parties, dining experiences, tutorials, networking evenings, cultural talks and games nights.