Take Your Home Workout to the Max With Bowflex

What is the best home gym equipment currently on the market? There is so much to choose from and anyone that's been watching The Apprentice will appreciate. You might already be thinking of joining the gym to avoid those lofty January sign on fees. I've got one better for you. Save that money and invest in a home gym starting with the Max Trainer® M7i by Bowflex. 

How does it arrive? 

It comes in two boxes and is easier to assemble than any flat pack furniture. It is possible to assemble on your own but I recommend finding a friend to help you out. For the record I got some help, but none from the cat. 

How does it look?

You know me, it's got to look the part. And this is one of the best things about the Max Trainer® M7i. It's super-sleek, really polished and beautifully designed. It's perfect if you have a modern space, this will sit unobtrusively in either your home gym or viewing from. 

Work out and watch Match of the Day at the same time! 

How does it work? 

It's the top model from the Bowflex portfolio and has innovative features that help you push your fitness levels to the MAX.

You can set your own burn rate and resistance levels and with the new aerobar grips it makes that workout less abrasive on the hands. 

Like our other models the M7i burns, but M7i also learns thanks to its all new performance targeted programming. 

Would I recommend it? 

Absolutely. It's a modern sleek looking home gym that doesn't look cumbersome or out of place. It's also super quiet which is important if you want to have a workout whilst others around you are sleeping or reading. 

It's also a lot more streamlined than your average treadmill that will take up twice the floor space. 

Don't forget to use the mat and place underneath the machine because you'll sweat profusely. 


*This sponsored post was created in collaboration with Bowflex.