The 3 Massive Life Lessons to Take From Poker


Today I'm going to share some thoughts and research on the world of Poker, and what life lessons we can learn from the game of poker. 

If you've seen my Instagram stories you'll know I've teamed up with PokerStars who are the proud sponsors of this blog. They've kindly invited me over to Barcelona to join an event and I'll be cracking wise and learning all about the psychology of Poker with some of the best players in the world. 


What are the mental benefits from playing Poker? Everyone knows that exercising the brain is good for longevity. It's why we're encouraged to do Crossword puzzles the more we get older. 

I've discovered the same can be said about Poker. There are life-lessons that you can take from the game of poker. 


You could be an amazing poker player. Imagine you're the best poker player on the table and you've calculated the odds that the hand you're holding has a 99% chance of winning. 

The person across from you wins, through fluke luck. That 1% didn't go your way.

Lesson 1:

You sometimes have to accept that you don't lose to the better person but you lose to lady luck. 



When you win at poker you're the best and smartest in the room. When you lose it was because you had crap cards all night. How many times have you heard that or told yourself that? 

You have to be able to admit your faults. Maybe you didn't play those crap cards as well as you should have? Maybe you waiting too long for the right hand, not doing enough with what you were given? 

Lesson 2: 

Admit your faults and don't rush to pat yourself on the back when you win. Even when you win, think on how you could have improved. 


This is a game unlike any other. You have what is known in the trade as an immediate feedback loop. Meaning on average, each hand of poker lasts 2 minutes. You can learn something about peoples behavioural patterns every two minutes. 

Was someone too impetuous to raise? Did someone go all in an attempt to bully their way out of trouble? Is someone averting their eyes, uneasy, unsure? 

Lesson 3: 

Watch people’s reactions. How do people react under pressure and what does that say about their mental state? How do you handle stress and what facade can you create to help shield your emotions? People watching, not naval gazing. So much more fun. 







A Fashion Bloggers Travel Guide to Barcelona

Photo by @michaelbcn_

Photo by @michaelbcn_

The first time I went to Barcelona I fell in love with the city. It is one of those places like London or Paris, there’s always something new to discover each time you visit. Barcelona certainly has a large dose of history, art, stunning architecture, some of the best restaurants in the world and not forgetting easy access to the beach! Whilst you can check out the main tourist attractions like La Sagrada Familia, Las Ramblas or The Magic Fountain of Montjuic, how about some more alternative options to jazz up a long weekend?


Photo by Bobby Bar

Photo by Bobby Bar

I think it’s safe to say we are very lucky with the incredible bars in London, many of them now also offer an outstanding selection of gin. However do not forget that Spain was the first to serve their gin in big glasses, full of ice and garnished to perfection! So how could you not go to Barcelona and have a Spanish style gin and tonic? Bobby Gin has a cool, modern, moody interior and has definitely taken the lead among Barcelona's gin bars. Well worth heading there to try an array of Spanish style gins and cocktails!

Bobby Gin
Carrer de Francisco Giner, 47 08012 Barcelona


Photo by @milk_bar_bistro

Photo by @milk_bar_bistro

I have often taken shots of epic breakfasts and coffee at Milk in London, so I was intrigued by a restaurant with the same name in Barcelona. Milk Barcelona is designed like a posh living room with antique chandeliers and 50’s wallpaper. During a night out in the city, head there for cocktails and return again in the morning for some TLC and a well deserved Milk “Recovery Brunch”. The food is very Instagram friendly too!

Milk Bar & Bistro
Gignas 21, Barcelona


Photos by Pulitzer Hotel

Photos by Pulitzer Hotel

The Pulitzer Hotel is in such a central location and is perfect for exploring the city. It is only a moment from Plaça Catalunya, and within easy reach of the city’s Gothic and El Born quarters. Hotel Pulitzer Barcelona is a design-conscious delight with its very cool rooftop bar, and it is certainly a place to party but in a relaxed atmosphere. Even the reception area highlights the hotel vibe very well with white leather sofas and quirky rugs. The interior is full of wood, leather and satin, which means a great hotel for a blogger to take some amazing photos!

Pulitzer Hotel
Carrer de Bergara, 8, 08002 Barcelona, Spain


As I have already mentioned, there is just so much to see in Barcelona. I love the laid-back lifestyle, people, and range of fun activities. However going up to Tibidabo, the highest mountain in the Collserola mountain range is a must. Not only is the view absolutely stunning, but the Tibidabo Amusement Park is so fun! The park opened in 1905 and is among the oldest in the world still functioning. Most of the original rides are still in use, so you may need a little bit of courage to go on them!

Tibidabo Amusement Park
Plaça del Tibidabo, 3-4, 08035 Barcelona


Photo by Boo

Photo by Boo

How can we not have a spot of retail therapy whilst on a city break? Barcelona has some awesome menswear stores like Boo and Massimo Dutti. If you’re looking something a bit smarter, the Spanish brand Massimo Dutti has been around in Barcelona since the 1980s. However Boo is a lot newer and the perfect place to find more of a statement piece. It established back in 2006 and is located between the artist’s workshops and designer stores of the bohemian Gracia neighbourhood. The store offers a handpicked selection of designer labels, specialising in European brands with an attention to quality fabrics and manufacturing made to last.

Massimo Dutti
C.C. El Triangle, Plaça Cataluña, 1-4, Barcelona

Carrer Bonavista, 2, Barcelona


AVIS Car Hire

AVIS Car Hire

The best way to get around and make the most of a short break to Barcelona is to hire a car for the trip. Avis offer some of the best deals around not to mention a fleet of highly desirable cars. 

I hope you enjoy Barcelona as much as I did.