Creed Fragrances | They're More Than Just Aventus

How much do you know about Creed Fragrances? Did you know you can add personalised engraving? Did you know they have 25 different colognes for men available on their website? 

I know, it's like hearing that Toploader released more than one song right? (Timely reference Carl). Creed is so synonymous with their popular Creed Aventus, that it's become their 'Dancing in the Moonlight'. Little do people realise that Creed are much more than a one-hit wonder.

I went into their Mayfair branch for a fragrance profiling where I got to sit down with their expert and choose a signature scent.

Aventus aside, my top 3 Creed fragrances were below:

Tabarome Millesime

A very alpha male scent, as described eloquently on their website 'an ideal choice for the leaders of the pack'. Inspired by the aroma of tobacco, tea and spices, Tabarome Millesime is equally seductive and assertive.

It has a push of warm ginger, an opening of mandarin and sandalwood and an undercurrent of dark leather. The result is alluring, confident and unashamedly masculine. This is one for the gentleman's club. Tabarome Millesime is available on their website for £230.

Royal Oud

The Royal Oud really spoke to me. It has the imperturbable X factor. A delicate mystery that transported me. You will find wispy citrus notes (lemon) pink pepper, tonkin musk and of course oud. A very woody and oriental offering that can be worn by him or her. Elegant, exotic and spiritual. Royal Oud is available on their website for £265.


One of the very latest from the House of Creed. Woody base notes of Indian Sandalwood and Haitian vetiver. Possibly the most muscular of all the fragrances. A quick mention on the Creed bottles also. They have a very sleek look about them. With strong shoulders and an assured thick glass structure. I love the silhouette of a Creed bottle fragrance and it really does announce itself on the shelf. Viking is available on their website for £280.

Lastly, as many of you will be fans of the Creed Aventus fragrance, it now has a flanker; Aventus Cologne. It's a fresh, fruitier take and perfectly complements its acclaimed forerunner, Aventus. With notes of ginger, mandarin and pink peppercorn, patchouli, sandalwood and vetiver. Aventus Cologne is available on their website for £215.

Creed have numerous concessions in and around London Harrods, Selfridges, John Lewis etc. You can check out the link here to find the one closest to you. However, I do recommend heading down to their boutique on Mayfair, 99 Mount Street and speaking to someone from the team who will help guide you to the fragrance right for your style.