Range Rover Vogue SE P400e | The Electric Range Rover Reviewed


Today I'm going to share some research notes about the Range Rover Vogue SE P400e. Timothy from ThisIsTimothy on Instagram and I spent a day inside this, for an unrelated press event. 

Is this a decent city car? Some stats suggest that it is. It does 31 miles on full electric before switching over to the 2ltr cylinder engine. For people skirting around London, that could cover an entire commute and reduce your spending considerably on fuel and taxation. 

The glass is 6ml thick with acoustic windscreen that cocoons you form the outside world. Ideal for making reducing stress in London. 


The charging socket is on the front grill which feels quite 'secret-spy'. It can charge under 3hours. Although on a domestic 3 pin it will need up to 8 hours for a full charge. A note that some people have been aggrieved that Range Rover will charge you for a type 2 public charger cable and that there is no CCS or CHAdeMO socket that will take a rapid charge. 

This car does help the frugal minded commuter with the predictive energy optimisation feature. This feature lets you pick a  spot on the satnav and it will work out a route whilst optimising the fuel consumption. Genius

It comes complete with a heated steering wheel (a must for the UK) plus memory foam massaging seats. 



The boot is cavernous, allowing Tim and I to take all our gear for the necessary photo shoot. It's quick off the mark and can do all the things that an off-roader Range Rover is famous for. It can tow a 2500 Kilo load and still wade through 900 millilitres of rain. That might be an essential this month. 



The closest rival the VOLVO XC 90T8 is 20k cheaper and has a similar spec. Although it can only do 20km on the EV option. 

I hope you found these research notes and imagery useful. I have put together a bibliography below for anyone wanting further information and reviews. Sorry no press release for this one, like I said, it was only a loan and unaffiliated press trip.