The Marriott Courtyard Resort in Seminyak, Bali | Hotel Review

It's time for me to tell you all about Marriott Courtyard Hotel in Seminyak Resort. One of the most amazing places I stayed in whilst traveling around Bali. Normally when I go backpacking I like to source the best deals by spending an hour two door having a walk around the neighbourhood. 

However, on the first night there is nothing like having the added security of getting your head down after a long haul flight and feeling settled. 

Although my stay in the Marriott Courtyard was fleeting, it was nonetheless memorable. To paint the picture for those that have never experienced a trip to Bali, imagine 1000 temples in a middle of a jungle, mixed with boutique hotels, arts and craft stores and some of the best cuisine you're likely to taste. 

Seminyak is probably one of the more touristy areas in Bali, not as hip or upcoming as Canggu. Yet finding a retreat such as the Marriott Courtyard for only £90 a night was just the tonic. 

Where is it exactly?

It's very central. In fact in the very heart of Seminyak. You are an 8 minute walk to the beach and there are even regular shuttle runs if you're really lazy. 

Standard of the hotel? 

Very similar to my experience of Marriott hotels in London. The decor was modern and authentic. The service was all smiles and the breakfast was wild with a wide variety catering for all tastes. I treated myself to eggs benedict and felt like a king. 

Family friendly? 

I get asked this quite a bit by friends when I speak about hotels, and although I'm an empty nester it would be remiss of me not to mention how family friendly this hotel is. 

There's a special kids club and speaking to some of the guests at the time they all remarked at how trustworthy and attentive all the staff were around children. 

Amenities near the hotel

It's worth noting there is a 24hr shop nearby should you require a top-up; food, water, alcohol etc. Ask one of the staff and they'll direct you. You'll also find an ATM within in a short walk from the hotel. 

Fitness Classes

Possibly one of the best array of fitness and wellness classes I've ever experienced at a hotel. Within the resort you'll find regular Yoga sessions, aqua aerobics and I even managed some basic MMA lessons with one of the personal trainers. 


A faultless experience, with everything on a plate. The cleanliness and amenities were outstanding. The location is ideal and you'll never run out of things to do. Ask at the front desk about helicopter rides, elephant safari's, kayaking and mountain biking tours.