Edward James | My Hair Salutes You | Keratin Hair Treatment Experience

I've been asked a bunch of times by friends and contemporaries, how long do I plan to keep on blogging? How many times can one review beard oils, how can you keep on finding new ways to describe the projection of Cedarwood in grooming products? 

My answer? So long as I have hair on my head. I am duty bound to exploit my lustrous head of hair; live vicariously for my follicle-y challenged chums. 

Most recently I was cordially invited to visit the luxurious salon of Celebrity hairstylist Edward James. Edward James has spent 20 years perfecting the art of good hair and is the catwalk creative behind brands such as Stella McCartney and Chanel.

His passion and commitment, expert knowledge and artistic eye make him one of the UK’s most heralded and sought-after stylists.

“Our philosophy always remains the same, to create beautiful manageable bespoke hair for each of our clients,” says James.  "And our team is always striving to create new and innovating ways to enable our clients to be the best and most polished versions of themselves”.


Edward is wildly charismatic and a great conversationalist. It was a great experience meeting him in his Clapham salon (he also has one in Putney) and my hair never looked better. 

However, it was the added extras that made the whole experience such a delight. I felt like a Saudi Prince as I was treated to a massage during my short wait with some relaxing oils. During the wash I got to further enjoy the feeling of relaxation in the massage chairs. 

It's so important to have trust in your barber. Before I even sat down in the chair this emanated throughout the experience. I scrutinise everything. How old are the magazines on the table? How good is the coffee? Do they even offer coffee? 

Along with his creative team at Edward James’s Salons & Spas, James has won numerous industry awards including ‘Salon of the Year’ and ‘Business of the Year’ and remains committed to reaching ever higher; as he continues to build on his creativity, drawing new inspiration as he strives to reshape the global beauty landscape.

Edward James ticked all the right boxes and having him on my doorstep here in Clapham is a Godsend. How can one ever give up blogging? My hair would never forgive me.