Is Mudho Really the Best Fitness Tracker out There?

Carl Thompson KOBOX Boxing.jpg

Who or what is Muhdo? Muhdo is a tool that scans your DNA profile and enables you to unlock your natural abilities and get stronger, fitter, faster. When I first skim read the brief and saw the words 'fitness' and 'Mudho', I thought this was Dwayne Johnson doing a sequel to Jumanji. How wrong I was.

Of course those that follow me on my Instagram stories know how hot I am on my fitness, regularly mixing it up at the Kobox gym. (Well mixing it up with the heavy bag).

But maintaining consistency with my work out routines and nutrition has been the true test. And this is what Muhdo sets out to achieve. Muhdo claims to be the answer in making sustainable improvements to your overall health and fitness levels is to listen to and work with your DNA.

Muhdo performs a detailed analysis of your DNA and provides you with personalized health and fitness recommendations to help you achieve your goal. They provide you with free access to hundreds of recipes, workouts and lifestyle advice – all tailored to your DNA.

How easy was it to use?

I need stuff like Muhdo in my life.

I winced at the sound of having to trawl through a 45-page document of any nature. I certainly couldn't do it without a couple of strong drinks, ironically reading about how pickled my liver might be. 

However, the data is presented much like the dashboard of a car. Numerous dials indicate where you're 'gifted' (believe me I'm very tempted to crowbar an anatomical gag here, but let’s keep it professional) and where your ineptitudes lie. 

My read outs were quite clear. Prone to yo-yo diets, lack of discipline in the 'prone to snack' department and susceptible to injury. I quite like the 'likely to injure' warning, would be a great tagline for the next Jason Statham movie. 

It has a very easy to navigate dashboard and disseminates the data evenly, and in quite a fun way. There weren’t too many red flags apart from knowing that my recovery time isn't that of a nubile teenager so I might reduce the weekly sessions as a result. 

I imagine this is how Daniel Craig felt when he over-beefed for his role as James Bond in Casino Royale and was consequently told by the producers, 'he had to lose muscle'. 

It's not the cheapest, £249 for the profiling kit, but as I always say, your body is a Ferrari, it needs to be treated like as such. You wouldn't have some cowboy do an MOT on your Ferrari would you?