Barnsley House | A Country Hotel & Spa | The Cotswolds

If you follow me on Instagram, last week you would have been inundated with stories of my trip away to Barnsley House in The Cotswolds. A beautiful hotel and spa retreat in the British countryside. So far this year for me it has basically been just a lot of working and sticking around London. So I organised a lovely weekend away to Barnsley House as I just really needed to get away, relax and take some time out. Barnsley in the Cotswolds is only a 2 hour drive from London and it feels like you are in a different, mystical world...a truly relaxing place.

Barnsley House is an incredible, romantic place which would have been amazing to have someone to have shared the experience with but on this occasion I went alone. I've backpacked around Asia and South America alone in the past, so having a few days out alone in the UK was not all that bad. In fact it gave me time to think about work, life, friends and family but most importantly dating and what I want in a relationship and my future life in general. At 36 and single, I'm always looking for that perfect relationship that is just easy and progresses naturally without having to continuously fight for it. One that you laugh all the time, you have loads in common, you get the best out of each other, your friends love her, you wake up thinking about her, you go to bed thinking about her and someone who you want to share everything with, completely open up and let them into your life, heart and soul. I actually thought I found that a couple of times in the last few years but ultimately hasn't quite worked out as planned but I'm not giving up! I also had a lot of time to think about how I'm going to improve on my menswear business Hawkins & Shepherd, so I've got some really exciting plans for the next few months, leading into AW17 starting with a new website design and new shirt designs.

On my arrival at Barnsley House, I was greeted by friendly staff who showed me to my room, which was actually a little house. I stayed in number 19, which was a split level house comprising of a jacuzzi bath on the upper mezzanine. The room was extremely spacious with everything you would ever need during a short break away. The hotel even allows dogs in certain rooms, which I only found out whilst I was there - which is a shame as Charlie (my French Bulldog) would have loved running around in the rolling hills of the Cotswolds. 

The spa has a comprehensive list of treatments both for men and women as well as the usual spa facilities such as a sauna, steam room, relaxation room and heated hydrotherapy outdoor pool. 

Eating at Barnsley House is fantastic, dine in the restaurant or order room service if you want a cosy night in. Failing that, walk 2 minutes down the road the 'The Village Pub' and enjoy some Great British gastro pub grub.