Become an Elemental Runner with GoRunRight Clinic


I find it so odd that many of us neglect our running techniques yet it is probably the single most activity we all do to keep fit. Running comes naturally, yes, but running with the correct posture and technique doesn't. One quick look around our small group that too part in this session from GoRunRight and you'll realise that everyone runs differently, some with strengths and many with weaknesses.

It is important to mention that Go Run Right is not just for elite athletes but also for people who are about to run their first 5K, it is all about working smarter not harder and everyone can benefit. During their 2 hour Run Clinic they will screen you to identify your unique imbalances and areas of focus and then show you the drills and tools required for you to walk away armed with what you need to exponentially improve your running.


During the 2 hour session in which I attended it started with some mobilisation, warmup exercises and a jog around Battersea athletics track to make sure you are ready for the drills. Followed by the below:


3 Stage screening process that involves gait analysis, range of movement testing and video analysis of your running.

Injury Analysis & Prevention

Based on the screening they will discuss common injuries that are applicable and ways to prevent them.

obility Tools

lowing through the correct mobility exercises and tools that you can use to advance your flexibility and range to allow full movement during your run, highlighting the areas that most of us have problems with.

Strengthening Exercises

Focusing on simple specific strengthening movements that will allow freedom and flow in a relaxed runner.


Speed through the drills you need to ensure good posture and positioning when running and demonstrate drills to reduce that all important contact time and speed up your cadence to insure you are not losing that all important elastic energy.

Follow Up

The Run Clinic will be fun and active but don't worry about remembering everything that is discussed, we will follow up straight after your clinic with details of your screening, reinforcing which elements of the clinic you need to most focus on.

Below is my screening prior to the clinic.

Below is my screening after to the clinic.

The report that you'll get posted to you after the guys at GoRunRight have analysed the footage indicates the differences between the before and after screening of your running techniques. As well as offering advice on what training to focus on when running in the future.

Personally I have always thought of myself as an average runner, a little bit lazy in technique...but now I'm consciously thinking about how I'm running and critiquing others on their style!   

Their next clinic is on Saturday 18th February 2017 09:30 – 11:30 at Battersea Park Athletics Track.