The Morgan Plus 4 Review by Motoring Enthusiast Carl Thompson

I had the mother of all Sunday's recently, cruising the countryside of Kent in a Morgan Plus 4. First of all, it should be said it's the sort of car that strips you of all adolescent delinquency. What I mean is it's a car by grown-ups, for grown-ups. I've never been more attuned to my surroundings than when behind the wheel of this car. 

It's a visceral experience, and the only way to get the true experience with a Morgan is with the top down, no matter the weather. The driver’s seat is perched on the rear axle so you're very engaged with the car. When you enter the cockpit you'll be welcomed by that inimitable leather smell; styled from at least 4 hides.

There's good cavernous footwells and plenty of places to stash your phone and glasses. There's also room beneath the canopy to stash some crushable bags, maybe a tripod and miscellaneous accoutrements. 

It wants to be a classic, and it wants to be modern. It IS a modern car, with a modern engine and a modern gearbox. You may have seen my previous car review of the Mazda MX-5 RF that the slickness of the gearbox hit levels of notable arousability. Well this Morgan 4 Plus has a Mazda sourced 5-speed gearbox, and it's incredible faithful to how you'd expect a Morgan to feel. Similarly, it has the look of a classic. It's one of those cars that makes you feel a profound sense of achievement, although it's passing, it's perhaps not merited (I didn't build the thing) but it's there. It's undeniably there. 

What's not there? 

It's a modern car, yes, but there's no power steering, no ABS. That said the analogue dials and the cockpit itself remains unspoiled in its absence. In the Morgan’s defence, this a car that was built for people that want to feel the wind rattle in ear lobes. If you feel passionate enough to explore the cars capabilities (top speed 189 KPH) with the top down, a stereo will struggle for utility. 

In summary this car demands nothing more than your divine diligence. Yes, it has an impeccable cruise-ability feel to it. It's smooth, aesthetically it oozes character. But you can't tune out for a second behind the wheel of this Morgan. The levels of assiduity that were required on every corner, every camber, well let’s just when you get out the cockpit - you know you've earned that drive.

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