During a dry spell a few years ago I added a hot-tub to my already batcherlor-esq London pad in the pretence that it would some how drag me out of it. Little did I know, I was seemingly marooned in the middle of the Sahara desert with a broken compass.

I needed a dog. Nope a puppy...yes that should do! Welcome Charlie.

Obviously that was a slight exaggeration, dry spell, me? Ha!

As with a child, suddenly they get all of your Christmas presents and having a dog is no different. Whilst I got a lovely new pair of Barbour wellies, Charlie trumped me with his own olive Barbour wax jacket. 

Now that ruins my chances of ever getting or buying myself the men's equivalent, I mean, matching jackets with your dog - its just wrong especially as I'll be copying him, oh the shame!

Being a twice a day dog-walker it is important to be warm, comfortable and have plenty of accessible pockets for poo bags and treats. Barbour has become my go-to brand for exceptional quality affordable outerwear. With the Barbour brand celebrating 120 years, it is something as a formal menswear business owner myself ( I aspire to. 

For those of you who are local to Clapham, London can buy Barbour from your favourite boutique 'Question-Air' on Northcote Road, or online at 

Alternatively purchase directly from Barbour at