My Spring Style by House of Fraser

I may have my heating on indoors right now as I type this but thats the unpredictable nature of our spring weather for you. What is predictable is that we are all looking forward to warmer days (and nights), a summer holiday, planning a wardrobe refresh and what to wear for this season we are in and the one coming up. In fact I've actually tried to write this opening to this blog for about 25 minutes now and just keep procrastinating by clicking on the tab next to this one 'summer holiday breaks' or playing a game where I spin my mini-globe which is on my work desk and randomly point to my next holiday destination. My last spin landed bang smack on Hong Kong (bit far for a mini-break)...okay one more spin and I'll carry on with this blog, it was Abidjan in Ivory Coast (weirdly I've already been there!) so we'll play again later on.