England's 1st Euro 2016 Game - What to Wear During All Day Sessions

It's Euro 2016 time and I'm starting to feel the level of optimism that will inevitably end in below par performances and disappointment! In fact in my mates Whatsapp group we all predicted the England Vs Russia result - ever the optimist, I went for 3-1 England and with all my other mates opting for an England win with various different results proves that despite many people saying that we have no chance to win - deep down we still like to think we can. This Saturday was the perfect sporting day for an all-day session, starting with International Rugby where England took on and beat the Aussies in their own back yard in a 39-28 win. Britain, Lewis Hamilton took pole-position in the Canadian F1 Grand Prix. Wales showed us how to start a tournament in style and with a 2-1 win over Slovakia. The stage was set for an emphatic England win however in typical fashion only managed a 1-1 draw vs Russia after totally dominating the game and possession.