Maximum Style UK: New Men's Grooming Site Launch

Guys I have a newsflash, a brand new men’s grooming site has been officially launched today called Maximum Style. Maximum Style also sounds like the best dressed Autobot on Cybertron right? What would he transform into though? Maybe a hat stand or a clothes horse right? 

Introducing Lanx Shoes | Proper Shoes for Men

As far as marketing campaigns go this one from Lanx Shoes is probably the best thought out one I've had in years. A year ago I started getting obscure postcards from all over the world. Sri Lanka, Paris, Italy, all saying the same thing, 'One sole purpose'. At first I thought it might be an ex-girlfriend that was on some personal crusade to mess with my mental wiring, but when Lanx Shoes finally launched their new website, the jigsaw fell into place. 

What to Wear for a Regatta, Horse Racing or Summer Event | Men's Style Edit

This morning whilst walking down the Kings Road in Chelsea on my way to today's KOBOX class, I passed a couple who looked like they were dressed for the races. Being in men's fashion, I tend to look into what people are wearing more than anyone else and my opinion was that he could have styled things a lot better, so here are my top tips.

King and Tuckfield Release the Richard Biedul Collection

I've always said of Richard Biedul, he makes fashion look annoyingly-easy. He has an utterly beguiling, insouciant way about him that just makes your eyes gravitate towards him. His flare, his wire brush hair, and when he smokes he embodies the signature look of a Parisian 60's-beat poet. 

The New Morgan 3 Wheeler: Pod Racer, Fighter Plane, Speeding Bullet or Car?

The New Morgan 3 Wheeler has arrived. I know what you're saying, but Carl, I already have a car and it has 4 wheels! Why do I need another with a lower spec? So much about driving nowadays is geared towards functionality. Conveniently placed beverage cup holders, ergonomically designed bucket seats, heated steering wheels etc. But as Tom Hanks said in the movie Big, 'What's so fun about that?' 

Penhaligon's Marylebone Wood Fragrance Review

Penhaligon’s has launched a new trio of fragrances named for London neighbourhood’s: Belgravia Chypre, Kensington Amber and Marylebone Wood. I was dispatched a bottle of Marylebone Wood for review, which pleased me because I'm a huge lover of Marylebone and anyone who plays Monopoly knows how crucial an asset it is to own all the stations. 

Anchored Cruise 2018 Reviewed | Impartial & Honest

Yesterday morning whilst researching holidays for 2019, I searched for 'Anchored Cruise' (which I've just been on) to look into booking it for 2019. It turns out according to my Instagram Story Poll that a lot of you want to also go in 2019, which compelled me to write this piece to tell you a true and honest representation of what to expect onboard.