The Best Things to Do in Penang, Malaysia | City Tour

With sunny, warm, tropical weather for 12 months of the year it's easy to see why us Brits have such an attraction to Malaysia and after spending a week in Penang, I now know why there is an affinity to this particular city in our great history. Penang is located in the northwest sector of Malaysia and is an Island just off of the mainland city of Sungai Petani with Georgetown as its capital. If you are a backpacker entering Malaysia from the south of Thailand it's a great location to visit straight after having a relaxed few days on the beaches of Langkawi and before heading on to Kuala Lumpur for some city life.

A Run Down of Tuxedos at the BAFTA 2018 Film Awards

Outside of Black Tie I like to think that Interstellar actor has quite an unconventional look. He darts between 60's beatnik and Ivy League prep with consummate ease. What he lacks in frame he makes up for in hair and verve. It's these rebellious streaks that he brings to his Black Tie game, pictured here in a velvet Saint Laurent single one covered button breasted jacket with self-faced peak lapels. The lack of bow tie here on his wing tip collared fly placket pleated shirt was a conscious choice no doubt. Personally I think it's too casual for the Bafta's and this type of collar looks a little unfinished without the necessary accoutrements, but the outfit in general is fresh and in keeping with his youthful style.

The 3 Big Mistakes You’re Making Between Dates | Dating Advice

Awesome first date? No kiss at the end. Amazing 2nd date, still no kiss. Third date is beyond thunderdome; you're Mel GiveMeSome (Gibson) and she's Tina TurnMeOn, (It's a solid gag I'm sticking with it) but still no kiss! What is going on? Is it time to grow a set of balls and send her the 'are you interested or not?' text? Holster your weapon soldier.

Rusty Earth Tones | Men's Style Edit

In this weeks Style Edit, Im wearing earth coloured men's clothing such as a tan/rusty palette to show you how good it can look. It is very much an AW (autumn/winter) trend which doesn't transition very well into spring/summer so if you're reading this from the UK you'll only really have one more month to nail this trend before changing it up for a more summer palette of yellows, creams and navy.

Luxury Sleepwear & Loungewear by Homebody

It's Valentines Day 2018 and it's possibly the best day of the year to discuss sleepwear and loungewear. If you are single and spending the day curled up in bed going through the list of reasons why you think you're single then you might as well be super snug and comfortable while you're at it! 

Try Protein Pancakes with Oppo Ice Cream this Pancake Day | The Healthier Option

For those of you looking for a healthier alternative option this Pancake Day, look no further, this recipe is not only a healthier option but it also tastes great too. I've been cooking these pancakes for years now, as a breakfast meal after the gym or some HIIT training and have adapted the toppings to suit my cravings today on Pancake Day. Although it doesn't have to only be eaten on this one day, its great as an after exercise meal, snack or dessert. It leaves you feeling full and fulfilled.

5 Ways How to Overcome Rejection Like a Champ

First off it's always a bummer being on the receiving end of rejection. You have all the messy red tape and acrimony that comes with the division of equity. There's the sudden loneliness. Then of course you see them on social media with their new found love doing keepy-ups in their new Barcelona kit. God I'll never forgive you Phillip Coutinho. I digress. 

M Summit 191 Executive Suites in Penang, Malaysia | Hotel Review

M Summit 191 sounds like a cologne that Roger Federer would endorse, or maybe a Liam Neeson hijack movie where he plays a troubled anti-hero with a special set of skills. It's actually a 23-storey spire standing proud in the heart of George Town, housing 96 executive suites available in 6 different interior designs, to match all your business travel needs.