The Style Icons Who Look Even Better in Their Sixties


One of my biggest pet peeves is how fashion is perceived by the media to be a young man’s game. I respect and admire the good work done by David Evans over on Grey Fox Blog who is a constant reminder that the grey pound is often the most over looked by social media and brands alike.

Whilst that hot 20 something influencer might be blessed with the cherubic looks and the ass that won't quit, how affluent is his/her demographic. Why dress a 20 something in a Hardy Amies suit when traditional bespoke buyers are 30 something and above?

The Italian bespoke giants Brioni are one brand synonymous with ambition and being in tune with their respected clientele. Is it any wonder that their series tailoring legends feature the likes of veteran actors such Christian Slater and Pierce Brosnan?

Pierce Brosnan wore Brioni throughout his entire tenure as James Bond. He still has a great working relationship with the brand, although he has no exclusive ties to wear Brioni for media appearances. He has worn Tom Ford suits for ambassador duties and previously Spencer Hart suits.

Today I wanted to highlight some of the great plus 60 style icons that I aspire to.

Richard Gere

Every time I catch a photo of Richard Gere, I'm always fascinated by what he's wearing. I never see him take a mis-step. I've not managed to catch Father, Mother, Son yet due to technical constraints. (BBC iPlayer not available outside of the UK). But his suits look impeccable. Just like he did when he broke on the scene in the 80's in American Gigolo, transforming menswear with the unstructured jacket, softened shoulders aesthetic. No wonder he's every mums favourite.

Lino Ieluzzi 

Interestingly you won't find Lino's age anywhere online. But he is the owner of the haberdashery 'Al Bazar di Lino Ieluzzi', Milaon in which he has been working since the 1970s. Symbolically he is the tip of the spear when it comes to how a seasoned gentleman should dress. As interest in menswear spiked Ieluzzi has become more and more famous among men's style enthusiasts.

Jeff Goldblum 

It's almost as if he was waiting for this moment to arrive. To think, ironically, for his breakthrough and iconic performance in the movie The Fly, Jeff was largely bare chested. In Jurassic Park he brought the biker jacket back to its rightful home of academia rebel. Now his career shelf is awash, neigh, littered with style icon awards.

An era-encapsulating actor who can pull off a high number of audacious outfits from flower print Prada shirts to velvet teal Yves Saint Laurent tuxedos.

William Defoe 

I've long admired William Defoe's dedication to independent movies. He will often counter his thirst for playing parochial roles in low budget dramas, by making blockbusters. Some disposable, others hang around. Think of the much maligned Speed 2: versus Scorsese's arthouse miss, The Last Temptation of Christ.

However, his style is aspirational. Always has been but moreover, since marrying into an Italian family he has doubtlessly been sculpted into a style icon that transcends generations. I know he did a catwalk for Prada, and is a keen proponent of Ralph Lauren. Unsure of his preferred tailor.


From the late 70's in the height of pinstripes and wide lapels, to the touch-to-fit era of the 80's, Sting has always managed to keep on top of style trends whilst maintaining a classic demure edge.

He scrubs up well to red carpets, whilst easily switching to bearded Shoreditch hipster. Effortlessly. He has it all really. A great physique, a great style, not really known for being a trend setter but I hope I can be as versatile in my wardrobe when I hit 60 as Sting clearly is.