Style Icons in Their 50's


Why should anyone in their 50's dress any different to someone in their 30's? In truth they shouldn't. Although there is no denying that your body undergoes fundamental transformations the older you get. Your carriage will naturally increase, your relaxed posture will dip incrementally, your seat will broaden. (Your arse will get fat). Your skin tone and hair will alter so some colour palettes may no longer complement you.

I've taken a look at some style icons in their 50's whom I think do a bang up job of ensuring their style is classic, timeless and aspirational.


George is an obvious 50's style icon. He has an immortal-ness aura because he's had grey hair for the past 30 years. A neat trick he's stolen off Phillip Schofield; Look old early, look young late.

George has an affinity for Armani. He got married in an Armani Cashmere suit and looks the business. One of the films that is rarely spoken about is The American. The off the rail Ermenegildo Zegna suits. The crease resistant suits are actually staple pieces for wanderlust folk. You can find out more about that here.


I think every man wishes they look as good as Colin Firth when they reach 58. I mean son of a gun, why isn't he out there banging cocktail waitresses and getting chucked out of Chiltern Firehouse for rowdy behaviour every other week?

Despite getting the brogues and oxfords, laces in, laces out rule back to front in The Kingsman, Colin Firth is no novice when it comes to style. Even before Tom Ford cemented his place as the sartorial obsessive for his directorial debut, A Single Man.

Personally for me he is the iconoclast for eyewear. His thick chunky black rim glasses are real statement pieces. Very tricky to pull off this look without sliding into Harry Hill caricature. For A Single Man he wore Tom Ford of course. For Kingsman: The Secret Service he and Taran Egerton wore Cutler and Gross. I believe Colin Firth also wears Rayban outside of films.


I'd love to know who makes his suits. He might be a wild pick but Graham Norton has some amazingly crafted and unique looking suits. Some things Google just don't want to help you with. In 2003 he was voted worst dressed male in a poll by GQ. Nice work GQ? 

In an interview in 2009 he confessed to buying suits off the peg in shops. Cut smash 10 years on he's clearly had a stylist give him some positive direction.

Thanks to an article in the New York Times I can tell you he has a penchant for brands such as Thorsun (known for swimwear and flamboyant printed shirts) and Citizens of Humanity, renowned for their high end cutting edge denim. 


Ok so Simon Pegg is 49, I checked. But he looks 50 God dammit and anyone that is 49 doesn't think they're in their 40's. 

Simon has a great casual game. It's almost run symbiotically with his career, both ascending in parallel with age. His green opal leather jacket from Star Trek 3 he wore to most of the press junkets. Looked fantastic. 

He's got a very punk/indie streak in him. His overall persona is affable, approachable and I think he tries counter that sometimes with leather jackets as a reminder that he's not the guy next door. He looks like the guy next door. Imagine him in Superdry Tee's and Casual sweats. Simon has to burn extra calories to distinguish himself. Hey we can't all look like Tom Cruise in our 50's. Some of us don't even look like Tom Cruise in our 30's. 

That's all I have time for today.

Articles that have helped me research these plus 50 style icons found below.