The Tom Hardy Lookbook & Where to Shop: Get the Tom Hardy look

Tom Hardy.jpg

The Tom Hardy style is a real bar-setter for anyone aspiring to build their wardrobe. I've been spending a lot time scrapbooking, assembling mood boards for various designs and projects and thought I'd put together some of the Tom Hardy highlights.

The comparison clothing are just suggestions. They are not replicas or screen accurate. I'm also not affiliated or sponsored by any of the brands.

Tom Hardy Dunkirk Farrier Shearling Bomber Leather Jacket

Remember seeing this beauty in the iMax but getting wildly distracted. I kept thinking I need to track this jacket down the minute I get home. I think sadly, so did every other man because it became such a saturated trend after that I gave it a trend-miss.

However, a few years on it could be the time to revive the shearling bomber leather Jacket. If you're not in the market to wear real shearling then a company called American Leather Jacket has modelled a replica which is now reduced.

Tom Hardy Elusive Brown Jacket

I'm struggling to find this cool brown jacket anywhere. It looks like something that Belstaff might do but the fabrics not leather. I've put an interesting comparison of a jacket by Feather Skin.

I know the design is way off but I like the vibe. The jacket Tom is wearing could be Dunhill as I know Tom likes a bit of Dunhill. I have located the tee shirt though. Check out Dead Legacy they have some playful designs.

Tom Hardy Check Shirts

The Check shirt, lumber jack look is a signature look of the casual Tom Hardy. He'll wear these kind of shirts in films and in his free time. I've struggled to get a close one on this purple/grey casual shirt.

I used to own one similar by Scotch & Soda. Whilst this looks like Scotch & Soda it's not available on their site. I've cast a broad net and found some close-ish comparisons on ASOS. Brands like Jack Jones, River Island and Original Penguin will offer close alternatives for check shirts.

Tom Hardy Suit & Shirt Style

Despite my reservations about this film you can't ignore that Tom Hardy was fantastic in it. The costume design by Caroline Harris was also quite ravishing in places. I listened to an interview with Soho Tailor Mark Powell on the From Tailors With Love podcast who was quite indifferent to it, but I'm a fan.

Sartorially the two Kray brothers, (both played by Tom Hardy are distinguished with Ronnie wearing Double breasted and Reggie wearing single breasted suit jackets. Simple and effective.

The suits were made from wool sourced from northern mills. Christopher Ecclestone, played the character 'Leonard 'Nipper' Read' and wore an old 50's original suit from Hardy Amies. 

The tab collar shirts shirts I imagine were tailored and can be found via Hawkins & Shepherd. Those crisp white shirts have been a source of inspiration for me when designing my own shirts. Check out my range of formal white shirts that are a homage to the classic styles of 50's and 60's tailoring. 

Tom Hardy White Henley T-Shirt

So this one we know is from Dunhill. I'm more in love with the ensemble than I am with just one piece of clothing. The beaded necklaces is certainly the sort of thing I've been paying closely recently with the impending launch of my own brand. 

But the beard, the style, it all comes together for me here. Also notice the henley is textured so it lifts up. There is something palpable about this top. Or maybe it's just because there is a body of tepid steel lurking beneath. 

Of course you can pick these Henley White tee's up for under £10 at H&M.