The Fashion Faux Pas That Women TRULY Notice

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I want to be clear, this isn’t an article designed to persuade you from discarding whatever beloved garment you own that you KNOW repels women. Remember Pam hated Jim Morrison’s leather trousers, but can you imagine him in denim? Yes, women uniformly hate corduroy, but wearing corduroy isn't a fashion faux pas. Far from it. Capiche? I want to share some insights and fashion faux pas that you might not be aware you’re making, that she is definitely noticing. This advice is based on personal experience and a few hours gathering data through comment feeds on similar articles.

Don't wear the football shirt out of context

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Footie shirt in pubs. Who cares right? You're at the bar to watch the game, not to pull some bit of skirt. But there is no excuse to flaunt that tribalism when out shopping in Waitrose. (Definitely not Waitrose, please have some respect). Even if it's a retro strip or the shirt Cantona wore when he kung-fu kicked that guy back in the 90's. Remember that? All sports shirts should be worn within the context of their environment.

Ill-fitting Skinnies

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There's room in life for hamburgers. Whilst Skinny jeans might not be everyone's weapon of choice in the trouser department, it's a look that's not going away. But even if women dig your skinnies, they don't dig the ones that are skinny all over, except on the seat. If you have excess fabric hanging from your arse but it's sprayed on everywhere else, it just looks like you went clothes shopping without your mum for the first time.

Age appropriate dressing

Again there's no rule book that says guys can't wear baseball caps or distressed denim. But if you're 40 going on 20 with your wardrobe it can be rather jarring and ultimately off putting for a lady. Unless you're Robert Duvall in the pit lane of Days of Thunder, wearing a baseball cap over the age of 40 is questionable. There's absolutely nothing wrong with men wearing denim in their 50's or beyond, the only question is how you wear them. But that's a debate for another time. Maybe in 20 years when I'm in my 50's.

Don't carry your cargo

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Cargo pants have threatened a full-blown comeback for years. Not that it hasn't had a renaissance of sorts and not that I wouldn't welcome a full return to its 90's pomp, but we have to be careful with this particular stick of dynamite. The main sand trap guys fall into is actually stuffing their pockets with crap. Cargo pants offer great utility on a construction site, or on a long hike, but if it's to be worn for sartorial use then don't stash your rolling baccy or wallet in them for the love of god.

Just get ankle socks

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Women are fickle things when it comes to socks. In my opinion they're wrong when it comes to not liking bold prints and statements on socks. We are men, often times we're quite straight laced. Suit, shirt, tie, maybe we'll rock the POW check or the chalk line if it's a Friday and the boss is away, but let us have a modicum of fun in life before we die. For some, socks are our last bastion of expressionism and if we want to live on the edge with our bilious polka dot socks that match NOTHING then please, let us have it.

Just don't wear the long sock and short. Don't fold the sock down to make it shorter, you're not in the boy scouts anymore. Ankle socks are a thing, it's a safe bet and offends no one if worn as part of a casual summer look.


So these are just a few things you might want to be mindful of. Generally, as with most outfits, so long as they’re fitted well to your body frame and you’ve dressed age appropriately then you won’t have too much to worry about. But remember your style is your own, it can’t please everyone all the time and if you’re pleasing everyone, you’re pleasing no one.