A Run Down of Tuxedos at the BAFTA 2018 Film Awards


Outside of Black Tie I like to think that Interstellar actor has quite an unconventional look. He darts between 60's beatnik and Ivy League prep with consummate ease. What he lacks in frame he makes up for in hair and verve. It's these rebellious streaks that he brings to his Black Tie game, pictured here in a velvet Saint Laurent single one covered button breasted jacket with self-faced peak lapels. The lack of bow tie here on his wing tip collared fly placket pleated shirt was a conscious choice no doubt. Personally I think it's too casual for the Bafta's and this type of collar looks a little unfinished without the necessary accoutrements, but the outfit in general is fresh and in keeping with his youthful style.

Patrick Stewart BAFTA 2018.jpeg

Patrick Stewart decided to go with a single breasted midnight blue peaked lapel tuxedo. Two jetted skirt pockets with black trimming that match the lapels. It's a very classic style, classic pointed shirt collar and tie with the sleeve length slightly tapered around the cuff and noticeably longer than the shirt. The trousers are flat fronted, personally I'd knock an inch off the length as you can see a little excess sag on the break. Classic yes, maybe a little too business. 

Nicholas Hoult BAFTA 2018.jpeg

Nicholas Hoult has these extremely vulpine features, accentuated by high cheek bones and translucent skin. He's gone for a very classic semi spread shirt with mother of pearl button. The jacket has more exaggerated lapel width with hand stitched edging and I'm a huge fan of his gauntlet cuffs. This is probably my favourite jacket of the night because of these features. Notice the dressing down the side of the trousers and the length is more contemporary as opposed to Patrick Stewarts above and Hugh Grant's below. The only let down is his pocket square. The trouble with a silk pocket square is it's so difficult to mould to a rigid shape, even a presidential fold can look a little unkempt. 

Hugh Grant BAFTA 2018.jpeg

Good to see Hugh enjoying himself. I think he looks great here, again like Nicholas above he has quite a wide lapel possibly 3-3.5 inches although his is notched. He is a lot broader than Nicholas across the chest and the lapel width fits him naturally, whereas Nicholas goes for a larger lapel width to make up for a more diminutive frame. Which I don't mind in the slightest. I prefer Hugh's English spread collar and bow tie, partly because his head is bigger and anything smaller would look misplaced. 

Prince William BAFTA 2018.jpeg

Prince William shows everyone how it's done with a puffed silk pocket square. I'm a fan of his sleek velvet loafers, tempted to say Crockett & Jones though could be way out with that one. The only thing I'm not a fan of is how the lapel facings seem to pucker on both sides. Could be down to being a very new jacket that hasn't had a chance to relax to his fit, maybe the look his highness was going for. Who knows, but just not a preferred look of mine. Notice the Duchess of Cambridge not complying with any social political black dress code, but giving it a subtle nod with her black belt and matching bag.  

Mr Cranston BAFTA 2018.jpg

Top marks Mr Cranston. I love a shawl collar at these kind of red carpet shin digs and that's how you do a presidential fold on a pocket square. Doubt it's silk, unless it's pinned. Could just be a napkin for all I know but it looks crisp. Jetted skirt pockets and a fly placket shirt give results in a super clean look, no breaks in the lines or ostentatious gimmicks. 


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