The Year That Was in Fashion: My Fashion Highlights for 2018

You might be thinking back on this year and wondering, where did it go? What did I achieve? What were my highlights? When did I start asking all these rhetorical questions like that woman from Sex and the City? Here's the fashion news that made the waves in 2018. 

Small Things we can do to Improve Sustainability

Yes it's been the buzzword of 2018 but what can we do to improve sustainability in our day to day lives? For one I want to see more Bidet's in the UK. Put a stop to all that wasted paper!! It's one of the true joys of travelling abroad is staying in hotels that truly manage to capture the vigorous sensation of having a warm jetted pool of water clean the, well you get what I mean. We all have our favourite past times. Here are 5 tips and hints on things we can do to improve sustainability. 

2019 is the Year of Discerning January

Let's face it, January is the most miserable month in the calendar. It's cold, everyone is skint, and everyone is posting pics of Robert Downey Jr mid-eye roll with the caption, 'new year, new me'. Worst of all, people’s procrastination of doing the dry January (whilst admirable) withers after the first week when they realise that they don't have the intestinal fortitude to stay indoors for 30 days straight and not drink. 

Switching off over Christmas

If I could ask one thing of all my readers this Christmas, is to take a break from checking your social feeds. Be present and respect the company of your family and friends whom haven't seen you in a long time. I'll be looking forward to a digital detox in the next couple of weeks and reflecting on what has been another incredible year. 

The Top 10 Best Christmas Films of all Time | Must see films this Christmas

As much as I like to eulogise about spending time with the family, disconnected from all the gadgets and tech, Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without the Thompson family tradition of watching films on the box. Especially after a crippling Christmas dinner where one resigns to a horizontal state, utterly enveloped by the couch or beanbag for an indeterminable amount of time. 

Getting a dog for Christmas? Here are the Pros & Cons from a Dog Owner

It's not a nice thought, but so many dogs are abandoned this time of year and as a dog owner I feel like I need to champion the cause for adoption. The logistics can be daunting, stepping into unchartered waters can also come with its own trepidations, but the positives that come with being a dog owner are insurmountable. However, it's only fair to give you a balanced view on what both the pros and cons are for being a dog owner. 

ThreeSixty° Coffee | Drink Premium Coffee at home

Today I'm going to be waxing lyrical about ThreeSixty° Coffee a luxury, premium single origin coffee brand, where consumers are invited on an adventure of taste. How nice it is to find something honest. ThreeSixty° Coffee (the brand) has a distilled simplicity that foregoes any superfluous marketing huey and just focuses on delivering a product with character.