Top 7 Skincare Products as Recommended by Menswear Bloggers

We can't be too hard on God. It's what happens when you try and take something as wondrous and complex as the human body from concept to market in a single day. You might forget that we'll need identical thumb prints so we can unlock our iPhones with both hands. That Appendix thing? Yeah no need for that cheers. Oh and why haven't we got a built in moisturiser for our face? Oh we have? Sorry, yes of course, as you were God.

Jöttnar Road-Tested in the Brecon Beacons | Technical Outdoor Clothing

Last weekend I was up at 3am getting prepared for a road-trip to the Brecon Beacons in Wales filming an aspirational video for Mazda UK. Before I headed off for the 4 hour journey to catch golden hour in the hills, I had to walk my dog Charlie at 3am. Without stating the obvious, London in the Winter is cold but not as cold as 2000ft up in the Beacons. So I needed some outdoor, tech, mountain wear that was going to protect me not only from the cold but also and more importantly from the wind chill and my brand of choice is for this kind of clothing is Jöttnar.

Best Flexible Work Spaces in London

A good flexible work space in London, these days is hard to find. Wait didn't Feargal Sharkey sing about that? Maybe it was a B-side somewhere. I digress. Increasingly, when I'm maneuvering around London, filming, appointments what have you, it's nice to know there's a good work space within blast radius to hammer out an editorial, catch up on emails etc. I've put together a short list together of flexible work spaces in London, if you know of a good one I'd love to hear from you in the comment bar below. 

Outfit of the Week | Men's Style Edit

How has everyone's December been so far? Mine has been super productive and I've even managed to combine working extremely hard with shed loads of going out and waking up with hangovers. The only thing that's suffered has been my fitness. Saturday I was out having a few beers with friends and I got talking to a mate of mine who is a PT and we discussed how important it is to mentally prepare for getting fit in the new year, in December. 

The Morgan Plus 4 Review by Motoring Enthusiast Carl Thompson

I had the mother of all Sunday's recently, cruising the countryside of Kent in a Morgan Plus 4. First of all, it should be said it's the sort of car that strips you of all adolescent delinquency. What I mean is it's a car by grown-ups, for grown-ups. I've never been more attuned to my surroundings than when behind the wheel of this car. 

Take the Christmas Cocktail Generator & Discover Your Perfect Christmas Drink

I love cocktails but there's one thing I love more, and that's cocktails at Christmas or cocktails with a Christmas twist like a Spiced Haig Club Espresso Martini or Gingerbread White Russian. Christmas Eve has traditionally been my favourite nights of the year to go out, much better than New Years Eve in my eyes. It's a day where everyone that moved away from where they grew up, go back to visit their families, so the evening is full of old school friends and old girlfriends, which can get quite awkward if you had as many as I did! 

Mercure Aberdeen Caledonian Hotel Review | City Centre Location

In Aberdeen there are two incredible Mercure Hotels, both are very different but have their own unique charm and benefits to them. This one is the Mercure Aberdeen Caledonian Hotel which is in a city centre location and the other is the Mercure Aberdeen Ardoe Hotel & Spa, which you can read my review here and is situated in a rural location. The Caledonian is right in the centre of Aberdeen town centre and only a 20 minute drive to the airport making it a great hotel for a short break or business travellers.

An Honest & Modest Interview with Patrick Grant

Patrick Grant is a pretty incredible man, successful, honest and modest. He is a British fashion designer who rejuvenated Savile Row's Norton & Sons in 2005 before relaunching E.Tautz & Sons as a ready-to-wear label in 2009. He was then awarded the Menswear Designer award by the British Fashion Council in 2010. His most recent success story is the Hammond & Co. range which is exclusively sold by British clothing retailer Debenhams in 2013 and still on-going today.