Home Cooking Made Easy

I know everyone works hard and think they work harder than the next person and I'm no different. I've spent my whole working life being a grafter, I would prioritise working hard, putting in the hours and building relationships ahead of academic qualifications, rightly or wrongly thats just playing to my strengths. Mix in a hectic work life with dating, spending time with friends, family, fitness classes and of course watching Love Island and you are left with frankly no time at all. On a mission to gain back as much free time as possible, I signed up to Hello Fresh.

Sunday Somewhere = My Sunglasses Everywhere

Head over to Sunday Somewhere on Instagram and you'll find a plethora of celebrities wearing their frames or beautiful people wearing beautiful sunglasses in beautiful locations around the world. Going against this trend, I decided to take their awesome 'Valentine-Tea' round sunglasses around the grey colours of London.

2 Ways to Style a Bomber Jacket - The Style Off

Introducing THE STYLE OFF, a new YouTube collaboration with Oli from The Tailor Fitted where we both take a single item of clothing and style it to our own personal style. Watch both videos and let us know who styled it better?!! For this months Style Off we brought two trending items from Zara. A floral print bomber jacket and a striped t-shirt.

Phodography - Photoshoots of People With Dogs

This photoshoot was done on a day about a month ago on a 30 degrees sunny day when we all thought summer had started, little did we know that it was going to be another month of rain before the sun put it's hat on again. I took Charlie out for a workout with me on Clapham Common, although I think it was a little too hot for him or maybe he just got very excited for the photoshoot with Phodography.

St Tropez, Cannes, Dubai, Monaco - Men's Style

Well I haven't been on holiday to one of these swanky, fashionable destinations for quite some time but I know some of you are much luckier than I and maybe heading away sometime soon. So I headed out in my whitest of white outfit to the pristine white houses of Notting Hill for this shoot. Grab your girlfriend and whisk her away on a weekend away to Monaco, St Tropez or Cannes and have an evening stroll along the harbour, looking a million dollars as you pass the yachts, chatting about which one you'll buy if you won 10million on the lottery (my favourite conversation!).

Superdry Is More Than Just Big Bold Branding

Forgive me Superdry but I haven't brought any of your men's clothing since about 8 years ago (give or take a couple of years - but the point is a LONG time ago). It was when everyone seemed to be taking about Superdry and loving the big bold branded shirts, hoodies and multiple zipped jacket - which had about 12 bloody zips on it! Actually I still have my yellow Superdry hoodie and grey/orange checked Superdry shirt. It was about a month ago now when I was invited to preview their new men's collection that I realised it is time to buy back into Superdry. 

Top 10 Hotel Rooms to Stay in Before You Die

I love to travel and have been fortunate enough to have visited some of the most amazing countries, cities and tiny little fishing villages in the world. I've travelled around South East Asia many times, South America, most of Europe and Africa...although there is still so much more to see. As I sit here planning my next short break to Greece, holiday to Havana and backpacking adventure - I've been researching some of the most amazing hotels in the world and here are my Top 10 (In no particular order, as that would be too tough to work out).

What to Wear at This Year's Summer Festivals

Summer in the UK is awesome. Yes, winter can be long and based on this current summer, it can also be a little bit unpredictable. Although when the sun has put its hat on (on weekends in particular!) there is no better place to be. As a nation, we love to party, we love music, we love fashion and thats why we love festivals. I'm heading off to Reading Festival this year and would like to share with you my Festival Fashion Must Haves.

Styling Myself on The Milk Tray Man!

Earlier on in the year Cadburys launched their campaign to find the next Milk Tray man. I missed this casting call, so I'm going to have to wait until the next one, but thats not going to stop me in getting in some practice early doors - so when the next casting happens, I'm ready, Milk Tray in hand and the perfect all-black outfit ready and waiting.

England's 1st Euro 2016 Game - What to Wear During All Day Sessions

It's Euro 2016 time and I'm starting to feel the level of optimism that will inevitably end in below par performances and disappointment! In fact in my mates Whatsapp group we all predicted the England Vs Russia result - ever the optimist, I went for 3-1 England and with all my other mates opting for an England win with various different results proves that despite many people saying that we have no chance to win - deep down we still like to think we can. This Saturday was the perfect sporting day for an all-day session, starting with International Rugby where England took on and beat the Aussies in their own back yard in a 39-28 win. Britain, Lewis Hamilton took pole-position in the Canadian F1 Grand Prix. Wales showed us how to start a tournament in style and with a 2-1 win over Slovakia. The stage was set for an emphatic England win however in typical fashion only managed a 1-1 draw vs Russia after totally dominating the game and possession.

Introducing Superdry Sport

If you haven't tried the Superdry Sports range before, now is the time to give them a chance and get your hands on it. Launching their brand new Superdry Sport collection during LCM, I had the chance to get my hands on a couple of pieces of their new range and it is very impressive. 

Father's Day Wrapped Up - A Gift Guide for Father's Day 2016


Fathers Day is a day to celebrate everything our Dads do for us. Other than being a great Dad, Granddad and husband, my Father is also a great DIY handyman, taxi, cook (BBQ only), gardener and dog sitter! For all of his hard work, I got my Dad a Bee Home for the garden last year...a present that is still in it's box! So this year I'm starting early to come up with something a little bit better than that. Here are my top picks.

My Outfit of the Week

The weeks outfit of the week combines three menswear brands that I have never worn before, so I have combined them with a few of my wardrobe favourites. This outfit was taken at the early part of this week, during the cold windy few days we had in London, I mean it certainly didn't feel like June...more like November. This time I headed out with photographer Rebecca Spencer around the Temple area of London, along the Embankment and stumbled across a few awesome areas in which to shoot the outfits and a few odd and exposed changing facilities!

Subscription Boxes for Father's Day

Why should we JUST make an effort for our Father's on one day of the year only, when we should be making an effort all year around. My Dad means the world to me and like him, I'm a bit of a closed book, keeping my feelings locked inside and Father's Day gives us that opportunity to show how much we care for our Dads. So this year, why not ditch the one-time one-day gifts like aftershave, DIY handbook, gardening tools etc and opt for something more meaningful and lasting. Subscription boxes. Here are my top subscription services for father's day.

London's Best Canal Walks

You might think of London's canals as a dumping ground for shopping trollies, domestic waste and the odd addicts needle here and there. Or that some parts of London's canal network run through quiet, un-lit, pedestrians paths in the middle of some of East London's notorious council estates, that you would probably want to avoid at night. Good points actually! However that aside, London's canal network can be perfect for a weekend stroll, cycle, dog walk, romantic date and of course a great blogging backdrop! So if you are a visitor to London or like myself, someone who should see more of our great city, then you should spend some weekend time along these waterways.

Personalise Your Sunglasses This Summer With KITE

Without sounding too much like Barney Stinson from 'How I Met Your Mother' with all of his rules like 'New is always better' but we do all look better in sunglasses, period! Although there are exceptions to this rule. For example, you can never wear sunglasses on the London Underground, never, you just look like an egotistical twat. 

First Instinct: Abercrombe & Fitch - An Exciting New Fragrance For Men

Yes I do have a clock tattoo with no clock-hands; of course, ever so obvious and uncreative the time is reserved for my first kids birth (which couldn't seem further away right now!). Move further south from my bad tattoos and you'll find First Instinct, the brand new men's fragrance from Abercrombie & Fitch. I mean you could question why I'm carrying it around whilst wandering the streets of Brixton, but lets brush that aside and focus on the product itself!


It's taken its time but summer has officially arrived, which means festivals, holidays and beer gardens replace Netflix, cozy nights in and takeaways. Although the last month has been full of Autumn/Winter 2016 collection previews, I've only just started buying my Spring/Summer wardrobe! My first point of call for summer wear was Topman, I put together the above look for my recent trip to Barcelona and decided it was actually also perfect to wear for a local midday Sunday beer in Brixton.


A weekend photoshoot in King Cross is great for me, as I can jump on the high-speed train to Ebbsfleet to see my parents afterwards, which also means I can bring Charlie with me on the shoot and that always makes the pictures 10 times better! There are a number of things that bloggers totally over do...copper, marble, white houses, coffee, Mykonos, Santorini and of course the walkway to St.Pancras railway station. So on true blogger form, out of all the places to shoot in Kings Cross - of course I went to the same place as everyone does! However I have my secret weapon, Charlie dog!


Whether youโ€™re attending a wedding or a school prom this summer, you can add an extra dimension to your look by playing around with accessories to create something memorable and unique. I think that a pocket square is the perfect addition to any formal attire as it exudes masculinity, confidence and class to ensure you always make a great first impression.